Can't seem to lose weight



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    Update, the scales still aren't budging but I've been taking pictures of myself once a month to see if I notice any changes and my waist seems to be a fair bit smaller than it was last month and my figure looks more hourglass-like than it was. I don't think my waist measurement has changed though so it could be fat redistribution due to the types of exercises I've been doing? I'm not sure
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    When I added 20 gm of protein daily in a smoothie to get me closer to what MFP says I should have, the "scale moved." I have lost 1 lb a week since then like I planned. MFP has me at 1280 cal/day. I'm 65, 5' 3", diabetic and apple shaped. I ride a stationary bike daily for 30 min at moderate speed. I do 4 arm toning exercises and squats for "strength training" 3 to 4 days a week. MFP is the best thing I've ever tried. Being diabetic, I learned to weigh, measure, and pay attention to "serving size" a long time ago. Staying within my MFP calorie limit, getting close to the amount of protein MFP says I should have, and riding my "bike" are working! Answer the questions on MFP profile and do what it says. You'll do great! One more thing, I try not to go over 1200 mg of sodium when the plan says 2300. Better for my heart, kidneys, etc.
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    First, if you don't already: use a food scale for anything solid. Nutrition labels often have data for 'cups' and 'grams'. Like shredded cheese may say 1 serving = 110 calories for 1/4 cup (28 grams). What they don't tell you: is the 1/4 cup of a solid item does not necessarily 'fit' in a measuring cup to the 1/4 cup line! Same for tablespoons. If it is not a liquid, then don't rely on cups or spoons. Use a scale. But if you go by weight, you know exactly what you have.

    Second, how often do you make your own food? Food made by others (family, friends, restaurants) results in some estimation on your part. If you're not happy with your rate of loss, try to make more of your own food.

    Online calculators for TDEE are a starting point, but they are not perfect. Your TDEE could be lower than the calculators indicate. You have lost ~4 pounds in 3 months, so that means you are making progress. The short answer is to improve logging accuracy, decrease your calories ~100-150 daily, and look for ways to increase movement/calorie burns.

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    When did you start exercising? If you’ve been doing any sort of resistance training and you’re a newbie you could’ve built some muscle and that’s caused a spike in the scale weight. That’s a possibility. You said you’re on track with your food but just double check everything. Also what are your workouts like and what is your activity level outside of working out. What are your energy levels like as well?
    To me it seems like you’re making great progress and you just need to stop being obsessed with the scale when you have such less weight to lose. I mean I’m 5’ 4” and 165lbs and losing the last 20ish lbs and I’ve accepted that it’s going to take me a year. Are you using a weight trending app? That REALLY helped me to see a trend and not get upset over small fluctuations.