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What motivate you the most

Cesarwife Posts: 3 Member
Fruit or vegetables .. at times it’s hard for me to eat vegetables .. I need some motivation .. How do you do it to make it fun to eat ?🤔 .I want give up 💪HELP .I just want to live a healthy life style ..


  • woollenmonarch
    woollenmonarch Posts: 152 Member
    Who said vegetables are healthy

    You can eat potatoes and still die.

    What’s key is a balanced diet
  • accio_doughnuts
    accio_doughnuts Posts: 88 Member
    Look up recipes that will make them taste better. I like grilled peaches with sour cream, cinnamon and honey. Or apples with a mixture of Greek yogurt, pb2, monk fruit sweetener and lilly’s chocolate chips. Brussels are great roasted. Cherry tomatoes taste completely different roasted with balsamic and olive oil. Things like that.
  • OpheliaCooter
    OpheliaCooter Posts: 1,190 Member
    Ya ^ agree it’s just a matter of seasoning. Try chopping it up and marinading it. You can grille them, throw any seasoning on them. There’s so many options.
  • sdailly13
    sdailly13 Posts: 37 Member
    Yes seasoning is great but can also add extra calories, depending what seasoning you use. People make a mistake of thinking! I'm going to eat healthy im eating more vegetables, more fruit and salad then unwittingly add sauces, dressings ect, not realising that they are adding unesesarry calories. It takes time to accually taste food property. For example I used to hear how peas or carrots taste sweet and I thought Really? but it wasn't untill I cut out artificial sugers that I understood. So vegetables an so called boring plain foods take on a whole more meaning. It's been a journey. Give it a try for a while. You'll taste your food so differently.
  • goal06082021
    goal06082021 Posts: 1,852 Member
    +1 suggestion to find a new way to prepare a vegetable that you don't think you like. Most vegetables are excellent roasted in the oven with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, maybe some other seasonings if you want to fancy it up a bit or make it "go" with whatever else you're making (my go-tos are paprika and garlic powder, usually; sometimes Chinese five spice or cumin, depending). Broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts love this treatment. Measure the oil you use, but don't worry too much about the other seasonings; most herbs and spices are effectively calorie-free because you're using maybe a few teaspoons at a time, you'd have to eat a truly ludicrous amount for it to really make a difference for you. A tablespoon of oil (15g) is plenty to coat a good half-pound of vegetable; I do it shake-and-bake style, put the veg into a bowl, then the oil and seasoning, cover and shake it up, then dump that all out onto a prepared baking sheet.
  • amorfati601070
    amorfati601070 Posts: 2,602 Member
    MSG..nothing wrong with it. Haters gonna hate.
  • Miss_Chiev0us_
    Miss_Chiev0us_ Posts: 2,208 Member
    edited April 7
    For vegetables I like to use spices to change it up sometimes. Vegetables are also delicious roasted in the oven. If you don't like vegetables maybe you could put some in smoothies or try juicing so you can get all the good nutrients? Don't give up, it's too easy to give up. Don't eat food you don't enjoy either..
  • Motorsheen
    Motorsheen Posts: 20,232 Member
    hot sauce is you friend
  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 8,349 Member
    edited April 8
    Light Ranch Dressing, and hummus are my 2 go-tos to doctor up veggies. Often I'll have baby carrots, hummus and clementines for my dinner.
    I love roasted veggies as well.
    My sister and her dd made a smoothie using a whole bag of fresh spinach and my sister said you'd never know it was in there. Lots of veggies you can incorporate into soups, casseroles, wraps and disguise them if you don't like the taste of plain vegetables.
    Lots of fruits freeze well and make great slushies/smoothies/ice cream.
  • ExpressoLove11
    ExpressoLove11 Posts: 329 Member
    Another vote for roasting veg, or sautéing it. You don't need to use a tonne of oil either. Try different combinations and recipes, you'd be surprised what you can do. If you have extra calories to use up then mozzarella makes everything better!