Help?! I want to start heavy lifting, but have no idea where to start!

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I have lost almost 40lbs and I still have another 60lbs to go. I want to start doing some heavy lifting, but I don’t know how. I have a YMCA membership, should I take a strength training class? Do I need a personal trainer? It would be nice to also have some kind of routine at home. I have 5 and 10lb weights. My goal is to build muscle while I am losing weight to try to minimize muscle loss. I am truly clueless on how to go about doing this, so any help is appreciated!


  • Chieflrg
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    I would take a strength training class unless that is the only thing you would adhere to.
    A trainer isn't needed, but I think the majority of people would benefit far greater from the right one. Unfortunately I don't deem most trainers knowledgeable of doing so but they are out there.
    I sent you a message.
  • JennBona
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    I watched alot of YouTube videos starting out to get my form right first there's lot of stuff on there. But classes at the gym helped too! Iost over 100 pounds without a trainer and built muscle in the process you dont need a trainer but it could help.
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    I also think it's easiest to use weight machines at first. Almost every good gym has a full set and offers an intro class for them. Then it's a matter of learning to use each machine (which isn't that hard) and picking your weights (which should start pretty low, so you don't get sore AF).

    Slow steady work on a good set of weight machines a few days a week is extremely effective. Over time and with some training, you could switch some of the lifts to free weights, for which having some individual training is really helpful.

    Take a buddy and make it fun!
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    The Ys in our area have a Women and Weights class, well they used to before the pandemic. You might check into that or ask them what kind of support is available in the weight room. StrongLifts 5x5 is a great program.
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    Bret Contreras Glute Lab