Need a little encouragement

I've been using MFP for about 4 years now. I've managed to lose 150+ pounds simply through diet, no surgery or pills. I still have 40 more to go and I'm losing my motivation. My problem is that I will go down a pound or two and back up a pound or two. For the last few months I'm just batting a few pounds back and forth and I'm getting discouraged. For example, I got on the scale the other day and I was down 3 pounds. Today I got on and I'm up 3 pounds. I have done absolutely nothing different, so I don't get the gain. Anybody have any encouraging words that will make it easier for me to keep moving forward?


  • berwicksue
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    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Actually, I didn't know most of what you explained and it does give me understanding of what might be happening. I have adjusted my caloric intake about mid-way because of the amount of weight I've lost. The break you suggested might be a good idea and may give my weight loss the boost it needs. I appreciate the additional reading and will definitely check them out. I'm not giving up, that's a certainty. Thanks again for the encouragement. I appreciate it.
  • owieprone
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    Ann's post is spot on. When losing weight for my wedding I had to take short breaks from losing weight and just getting used to maintaining that weight for a while. It took the pressure off over the 2 years and gave me the will power and motivation to make a massive effort 2 months before my wedding to get rid of the last half stone.

    I added in new sports and looked for new workouts or gym classes to keep my motivation going. I now do a silly amount of sports :D and only had to drop one due to my disability (and fear of joining Team Metal Leg, or Team Crip - Rollerderby is so PC).

    You've done so well so far, don't let a little plateau get you down :)