I'm trying to stay on track, but I'm not seeing results and it's making it hard to not eat whatever I want or even overeat. I think I need to meal prep more often and get better at not boredom eating. Sigh. I'm having a rough time.


  • crb426
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    I feel like we need a little more info to comment. How long have you been "on track"? What is your routine right now (counting calories, keto, etc)? Tell us about it.
  • jkbowman95
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    I guess it's called CiCo (calories in calories out), I try to eat leafy greens bc I noticed they make me feel fuller which helps with the boredom eating.
    I believe I've been trying to pay attention more and get my weight down for the last 6 weeks, but I'm just feeling less confident in my efforts this week so I'm trying to reach out to the community for the first time. Sorry for the vague original post.
  • galarqueen
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    I'm sorry you're going through this. I know it's pretty rough. It can definitely get discouraging. I am someone who definitely overeats. I eat passed the point of full.

    If there's any advice I could give I would say definitely meal prep. Even if it's just a few days worth. Try to set time frames when you want to each eat meal and snack.
  • AnnPT77
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    Boredom eating? IMO, the best counter to it is a new hobby (or a revived old one). Bonus points if it's something that requires clean hands (like sketching, needlework, playing a musical instrument . . . ) or creates dirty hands (painting, gardening, carpentry . . . ).
  • jkbowman95
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    Thanks for the encouragement, just being able to get out of my head about weight/food is beneficial. And starting an herb garden may be a nice hobby to keep me busy
  • Minaaaa77
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    I am struggling to keep my diet as well. I count calories, I do some exercise and weight myself everyday. It's but nearly 2 months but I haven't lost any weight. I'm nowhere near overweight, in fact, I am considered normal for my age and height. I'm still trying to loose some bellyfat though. I am not sure what to do!!