I'm not losing 2lbs/week, am I doing something wrong?

I have been consistently losing, but only about 1lb per week. I'd like to lose twice that. Any suggestions? I recently updated my goals and my calories increased from 1290 to 1360, but i still usually have a 300-500cal deficit each day after exercise is counted.
Thanks everyone!


  • wunderkindking
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    500 calorie deficit times 7 days = 3500 deficit over a week, 3500 calories = 1 pound.

    You probably don't have ROOM to get a big enough deficit (1000 calories/day or 7000 week) to lose 2 pounds safely. That rate is there for pretty seriously overweight folks. With those calorie numbers that isn't you.
  • Lietchi
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    When you say you usually have a 300-500kcal deficit each day, does that mean compared to your total calories burned, or do you mean you have 300-500 calories remaining on MFP (with that calorie goal already taking into account you want to lose weight)?

    1lb per week is a great rate, nothing 'only' about it. 2 lbs per week really is only appropriate for people with a lot to lose (weighing 200lbs at least).
  • ajlmfp22
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    You're probably not doing anything wrong since you've been consistently losing weight. 2lbs/wk is a really aggressive rate and usually ends up with MFP setting you at 1200 Cal because it won't allow you to go any lower than that. I'd say just keep doing whatever you're doing, but invest in a food scale if you haven't done so already to make your food logging more accurate.
  • Shy_Yogi
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    If you lose too fast, it won't last....just saying. You look like a small person like me. I can only afford to lose about .5 lbs a week otherwise my calorie deficit is too large and becomes unhealthy. Just keep at it. If youre losing, it's working. Most importantly, you want to do this the healthy way. I wish you the best of luck.