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I wish there was a special board for mental health issues!

I am diagnosed and on medication or both anxiety and depression. Until I found out my weight/BMI at the doctors a few weeks ago, I had it really under control compared to the last several years, and it took me a long time to find the right drug cocktail since I also have a lot of physical issues and sensitivities.

Anyway it's still helping with my night-time anxiety, worrying about death and dark stuff like that but now my social anxiety is through the roof! I had a little bit even before this and I have this super annoying thing where when I'm anxious, particularly socially anxious for some reason, I sweat like CRAZY. Like seriously rivers of sweat running down the back of my legs. Like I sweat less in the FL heat than I do in the air conditioner sitting down but anxious.

So before it was like, I'd get a little bit of that right before having to socialize and at the very beginning but then I'd be okay, but now I'm getting it DAYS before. I've been sweating like every time I think about this family reunion I go to tomorrow all week. It's definitely a combo of not being around people as much during Covid and my realization of my weight. Like I was anxious about being in photos before, I already knew I was heavier than I wanted and was highly critical of myself in photos, but now I'm OBSESSING even though rationally like, I look exactly the same knowing my weight as I did a few weeks ago not knowing my weight. Like maybe not ideal but not a cause for EXTRA anxiety and insecurity.

I also started getting anxious at the hairdressers today which never happens. My hairdresser is a good friend and it's not super crowded! I guess because she had a trainee with her? It's like my body is even more anxious than my mind sometimes.

Also the anxious sweating makes me get anxious of being anxious because then I'm thinking about how gross and sweaty I'll be and is this the right thing to wear and blah blah.

Does anyone else have this anxiety side effect? Do you guys think I should run back to my psychiatrist and have the dose increased on my meds, or do you think I should wait longer and see if maybe it goes away by itself. Or maybe I should get something to take in the event of emergencies? I only take a daily pill right now.

Anyway I'd love to hear from anyone else who has anxiety whether it is advice or comisseration.


  • @ladyoftherocks *hugs* It's going to be OK. I know it feels like you will but, nobody has ever died from anxiety or a panic attack. Just breathe. Keep breathing. In thru your nose, hold it for a count of 3, exhale out your mouth.

    Grounding really has helped me in the past. Anything cold works for me. If I get too anxious, I touch something cold to bring my brain back to reality.

    Klonopin really helped me, kicks in within 45 min. I'm now at a point where I only need the script filled 1-2 times a yr.

    Buddha tea makes a calming tea with St. John's Wart. If that won't have a poor reaction with your meds, I highly recommend it

    Hang in there *hugs*
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    I would suggest working on your coping skills; I’m sure you have a couple ones you find beneficial. I say this only because you noted that this has been a problem, at least off-and-on, for a bit. Sometimes people hesitate before actually using them, particularly if they haven’t for awhile. You may wish to do an internet search for ‘cognitive distortions’, if you’re not familiar with what they are. And tacking on the word ‘worksheet’ to that search may provide help dealing with them. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a great help for a number of mental health concerns, anxiety included. Searching for that together with social anxiety may also be helpful. Also, Amy Cuddy has quite a few Ted Talks, some on social anxiety. She is a psychologist and a very interesting speaker. You’re probably aware of all/much of this, but I thought I would give this information. You may wish to talk to a counselor, if you aren’t already. 🙂
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    Btw, I like your profile pic, a touch romantic and whimsical.