Changes everywhere! Success story! 95lbs down (with pictures)

joshpeacock94 Posts: 4 Member
edited May 2021 in Success Stories
Hi everyone!! Thanks for reading, I have been a year straight on MyFitnessPal!! This app has actually helped me so much! Just keeping track of my calories and exercise is all what was needed. How I never knew this before was a shocker! It’s all calories in vs calories out.. I went from being a very big lad to now being a size I’m more than happy with, just gonna start gaining some muscle. All baby steps though like my weight loss journey. Patience is key in this game, I’m so happy I wanted to share with everyone and hopefully inspire some people out there to keep going and keep on track! You got this and I’m always here for support if anyone needs it! Anyway I’m chatting away! Oh and enjoy my hideous pics haha.


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