9 months postpartum and not where I want to be...

I put on around 37lb/17kg with my pregnancy and have only lost 22lb/10kg since birth in August 2020. Everyone said it took 9 months to put the weight on but it's now 9 months postpartum and I am still yet to lose it all. I don't think I can lose it all as I used to run long distances prior to pregnancy but now I have a weak pelvic floor so haven't got back into running. It's hard getting the time to work out with a baby, and eat well when some days I just want to stuff my face with food after a long day of looking after the baby. Anyone else like me?


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    As a mom to three with my youngest being 7 months old I totally understand. I gained a lot of weight with each pregnancy and all the changes my body has gone through have been hard on my mental health. It can be so hard to find time to fit in a workout when you have a baby. I finally started to get into a routine once my little one hit 6 months old. I’m also breastfeeding so although it burns calories I’m also having to fight my extreme hunger all day! So far I’ve lost 15 pounds since I’ve started getting serious about loosing the weight in April. It’s always hard to getting started but once you find a routine it starts to get easier. I’m also a stay at home mom and taking online classes so on my really hard days I just want to eat mindlessly. Loosing the baby weight can be so hard but feeling depressed and self conscious in my own skin is harder. We got this!
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    I have 3 kids, now aged 7, 5 and 3.

    But in the earlier days it was very much like this. You spend all day looking after the baby. You just want something quick and easy because you just don't have the energy.

    Is your little one sleeping through the night now?
    I found once they went to bed, although absolutely shattered, that was my time to get in a bit of exercise. Do you have a partner? Could he be able to have her for an hour or two so you could get that bit of time to go for a run?

    Im sure there's exercises you can do WITH the baby, (it's worth googling) but just check the ages and that it's safe to do.
    Even just lifting him/her into the air over and over will be working out some arm muscles, and the baby will think it's just a bit of fun!

    And get working on them pelvic floor muscles! I swear, so many people don't talk about it but after a baby they're SO worth doing, and atleast when you do find time to start running your PF will be ready to handle it!

    Sometimes you just have to wait a bit, till a routine is better established because they're a bit older, and then you can really see where you can fit some exercise in.

    Good luck :)
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    Sending hugs. It's tough. I'm 15 years postpartum & still never made it back- although been close 3X
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    I totally understand! I’m 4 months pp and my weak pelvic floor is such a huge concern for me that I have trouble getting serious with exercise. I am breastfeeding which I credit to losing most of my pregnancy weight, but I still feel so weak. I have a prolapse, he seems weak pelvic floor, so I’ve been sticking to biking (inside with my road bike on a bike trainer) and body weight exercises like squats etc. I usually try to get at least 30 min in a day while my son naps, which obviously isn’t always possible. It also means that I’m not doing things like laundry or dishes, but I know that doing some exercise will be better for me mentally than laundry. If that’s not possible, I have my husband watch him for 45 min in the evenings and go for a brisk walk. Now that I’m back at work I walk during my lunch break. Your body has done something incredible and even though it is forever changed, I’m confident that with more time you can get back to a place that you’re more comfortable. It’s so hard to find the time and motivation while caring for a baby!