Still trying to adjust and learn

Hi, I am 55 years old and started my journey on February 9th, 2021.

I began My Fitness Pal journey on February 10th, 2021 at 214 pounds.

I am pending Bariatric surgery and set a goal to be under the 200 lb mark before surgery. Today I can say I am 1 lb away from my first goal. I weighed 200 lbs this morning.

I am a disabled veteran who struggles with not eating enough and gaining weight. Once I started eating the weight roller coastered over the last three months almost to my first goal. The problem is I feel full well before I reach my calorie goal for the day and feel sick if I force eat.

I came back from the war 89 lbs at 27 years old. My rucksack was 60 lbs not counting my weapons. 🙃. I hated the MRE’s (meals ready to eat) so a fellow soldier would bring back corn chips, canned chicken salad and canned Turkey salad for me and my combat buddy whenever he went to the rear. Large bottles of warm water was the rest of our diet until we returned. Regular food made me sick for years when we returned to the states. Strong medications were added to my diet to control stomach acids. It took the better part of 20 years to readjust to eating one full meal a day and getting off of a shoebox of medications.

This year I am making myself number one and focusing on losing the weight for life and health reasons.

I hope to meet fellow people who understand my struggles in this community. I could use some support and friends.

Thanks for your time.


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    Happy to support your endeavours! Feel free to add me and good luck with that last lb!