I have gained 3 pounds since I started

I have been trying to keep up and track what I should be eating but I have gained three pounds when I feel like I am following the formula properly to cut some fat. Has this happened to anyone b4 is it a process until my body gets use to the routine.. I feel as if it’s not use to this so it may be storing my food for as long as it could or something any opinions ?


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    So here's some pro tips I've learned over about 5 years using MFP. Your activity level is BEFORE you count the exercise you're doing for weightloss. Personally I walk 5miles a day and logged active. I do NOT enter my exercise here or eat back my exercise calories. When I start new exercise my weight stalls or slightly increases for 3 weeks it's water weight after that I move downward very steady. Also when logging food like chips or banana always go a chip, fry or size of fruit under the one you think because most things even on MFP aren't accurate and we underestimate subconsciously to eat more. I aim for 1720 calories as my deficit but some days I go under and some over weekly view helps. I log cooking oil in foods where I didn't use a log entry that was over the foods actual calorie amount. Check boxes and labels against MFP labels because many MFP entries are wrong. Last advice monitor sodium intake because it shoots up your water weight massivly.
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    First off are you weighing and measuring all food and drink with a digital food scale? That is the biggest mistake newcomers make. You have to be as accurate as possible. Then there are inflated exercise burns. Watch for those. Have you just started exercising? Water weight. Read the stickie posts with all the best information for getting started, especially logging food.

    Also, since you just started May 5th, it's difficult to get a trend.
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    Maybe it would work for you to only "log foods and just count calories" for a week, before engaging in the other useful features of MFP. That might give you a clearer view of how much you are actually eating (calories), and then use that information to address the exercise component and breakdown of how much fat/carbs/ etc. Get the basics of your eating habit figure out first. [Translate = how many calories a day do you consume?]