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Wieght after weaning

rubinamunshi29rubinamunshi29 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Can anyone tell me how long will it take to loose wieght after weaning a 1 year old, im not sure wat my wieght was while i was still breastfeeding, but 2 days ago wen i checked my wieght i was 61 kg, im going crazi because my pre preg wieght was 52kg, will i ever loose dis wieght??? My milk only dried up 15 days ago


  • penguinmama87penguinmama87 Member, Premium Posts: 706 Member Member, Premium Posts: 706 Member
    If you don't track your calories that would be a good start. How many calories you burn to make milk for your baby can vary based on a lot of factors and there's inherently some guesswork. If you aren't tracking at all, my *guess* is that you might be accustomed to eating higher amounts of food than you need for just you, and you might need to consciously drop a little bit. Feeding a baby or toddler who eats some solid foods/formula or milk supplements is probably no more than a burn of 250 calories per day for you, but that adds up!

    I've dropped below pre-pregnancy weight with a 10 month old baby who is still mostly exclusively breastfed (all my babies are really reluctant to start solids). But I'm also obese and started counting calories when my baby was only about six months old. I'm not familiar with metric but 61kg is around 130 lbs, so based on your height that might actually be totally fine. It will probably take some time and deliberate effort to lose additional weight. Many regulars around here would say not to be surprised if you average at half a pound per week or less if you're in a normal BMI range. And if your cycle is back, there will also be natural fluctuations associated with that and it may take time to see that difference show up on the scale.

    Good luck to you!
  • antonia_yesantonia_yes Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
    It really varies. I would say that I found it extremely difficult to eat 'healthily' and do regular exercise until my children slept better at night, and for them that was past 18 months. I am down to one feed a day with my 22m old and have only been able to commit to this lifestyle change recently.
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