Getting Re-Started?

Hi all!

TL;DR - Looking for "getting started friends" as well as "getting started ideas". NB: I have read the "getting started" best posts, just looking for anecdotal info from MFP people.
I have to take back my health, but I have let my son's major health issues and our general busy life take over and I am handling it badly. Feel free to add me if this post calls to you.

Coles notes:
- I have been on this journey for many years, but recently I have allowed myself to get to the heaviest I have ever been, and it is starting to take a toll on my health.
- I am married with 2 boys, ages 6 and 2. My husband works long hours but does as much as he can to help. The older boy has serious health issues that involve appointments, hospital visits and stays, and general behavioural stress every day. The younger one is just 2, so although he can walk and run, he dawdles on walks so I can't really count time with him as exercise.
- The emotional stress from my older son's situation has ballooned in the last year (combined with COVID lockdowns etc), and I have continually allowed myself to stress-eat to deal with the craziness.

So here's the thing -
What do you do to "get started" again when you have been down this path so many times?
Are any of you stress-eaters? How do you handle it?
What is your go-to exercise/movement when time is short?

I know what has worked for me so far, when I actually crack down and do it. Looking for how other people get down to it so I can incorporate ideas into my own day if I can.


  • mtaratoot
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    Welcome back to a new phase. It's simple, but not easy.

    I can be a stress eater. It's a challenge. Best thing to do is be mindful and recognize when it's happening and try to find something else other than food. Walking. Playing music. Join the karate and wine making class like someone else who's new around here does.

    Some folks like to pre-log their daily food. That way they know they'll be on target. Then the trick is sticking to what you logged. I don't do that. I have way over and way under days, but over the long term, they are fairly on target, and I'm able to maintain. My recent nemesis was starting baking bread again. I've stopped that and it's helped.

    Set your two-year-old down in the back yard. Watch what he does and them mimic every movement he makes. This will burn SCADS of calories. I doubt there's an entry in the diary for "chasing children," but there should be. They burn a lot of juice. Of course a lot is for developing their bodies and brains, but holy cats they move around a lot. Consider him your personal trainer.

    If you're interested in joining a group of others, I will shamelessly plug a little group here:
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    Welcome back! I also have a two year old and I know what you mean about not really counting walks with him as exercise. But any movement is good and I figure I'm setting a good, healthy example for him by including him on my walks sometimes. It won't be long and he'll be faster than me, or able to ride his balance bike alongside! Meanwhile, we walk together sometimes but I do most of my exercise after he goes to bed.

    My number one suggestion is to take it slowly - don't try to jump back into all the good habits you had before, that will just increase your stress! Instead, start by just logging what you eat without any judgement or trying to make any changes. That will give you a good idea of some of your eating habits which will help to guide you on the next steps you can take. Just change one thing at a time until you feel comfortable that you can keep doing that and add another change.

    I've recently been discovering meditation and trying to practice it regularly. It helps me feel calm and peaceful, and gives me a break from the thoughts always rushing through my mind. I feel like that helps me to not eat my emotions as much too, as I'm more equipped to deal with them and to let go of things that were stressing me out before!

    When time is short, I like to double-up on my time. I can at least walk in place while watching TV, or take the long way around the building when I go to the bathroom at work. My toddler goes to bed around 8-8:30pm and I go to bed at 10pm, so after he goes to bed is when I do most of my exercise. I like a lot of the videos on YouTube like Yoga with Adriene, Hasfit, Les Mills programs, there are loads and loads of them!

    And finally, go easy on yourself! We all have days that are not-so-great, especially when there's stress involved. What's important is that you don't use that as an excuse to stay off the wagon!
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    I certainly can identify with stress eating. One of the things I have learned to do is to ask myself if eating will solve the problem or make me feel better. Usually the answer is no and I can stop the cycle. That has been a big help for me.
    For exercise there is kids music by The Learning Station on YouTube. The songs are cute and catchy and include movement. Could you put that on and dance with your 2 year old? Even if you could only do 1 or 2 songs before he lost interest.
    Leslie Sansone has some walking videos that are only 15 minutes- that might be a possibility too.
    Good luck, it is so difficult , but so important to practice self-care especially when life is stressful.