1 Burger 3 Cupcakes and 1128 steps

I know I am not the typical success story, but I feel successful.

We decided to order breakfast. I looked at the Omelette with fruits but ordered a breakfast burger with fries instead. I enjoyed every bite. I never had one before, it was a hit. Early in the afternoon, I recycled 3 leftover birthday cupcakes. They didn't tempt me when they were fresh, today they were mine. I ate all three of them.

I have lost 18.5 pounds in 29 days. I am still in the 300's. I have bought a new bathroom scale and I weigh and log my food faithfully with the new digital food scale. 1 Burger and 3 Cupcakes already in the afternoon. What a day. Normally I would continue eating like this for the rest of the day. Not today. I started logging my food 30 minutes ago. No cheating. I eat it, I log it.

The burger was not in the database. I had to look up the nutrition. 1120 calories. That's a lot but it happened. It's now in the database and everybody can find it.

The 3 cupcakes were cheaper. Do you know what else I did? I closed my diary for today. No dinner for me. The short ribs in the slow cooker and the coleslaw are my lunch for tomorrow. Already told my husband. I am full now it's time to stop. I am learning!

I am honest with myself now. Oh, and I walked 1123 steps yesterday. 600 more than the day before. I bought the cheapest fitness watch I could find. The steps almost killed me. I bragged about it in the evening. I don't want to be housebound. I will fight hard. I have a fitness watch only for babysteps.


  • firstladyrboyd
    firstladyrboyd Posts: 5 Member
    You're doing great. Keep up the good work. This is not a diet it's a lifestyle change and we will have off days. What's important is that you realized and got back on the wagon. WTG!!!
  • quicklabs
    quicklabs Posts: 254 Member
    Honesty about the choices we make is the cornerstone to success! I believe in you!
  • Janatki
    Janatki Posts: 728 Member
    Great post and well done on making a change & sticking to your plan! Keep on going... here with you x
  • Onedaywriter
    Onedaywriter Posts: 313 Member
    Wonderful success! Congratulations!
    You have the right mindset (self-honesty) so you will crush your goals!
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 7,343 Member
    Congratulations! You're doing so well. You should be very proud of yourself. And yes, babysteps are important.