Sparkpeople is ending - so here I am!

rondajo56 Posts: 557 Member
Good day to you. I weighed 293 Jan 20, 2021 -- today I am down to 241. I've been setting a goal to lose 5lbs per month. And so far that's working. When I signed in today I up it to 1.5 lbs weekly. I will achieve that. I'm in my 60's and would love to have friends. I want to get down to 160. I have a long ways to go. ;)


  • YpsiConnie
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    You been having such success. I was starting to be consistent with Sparkpeople then I saw that they are shutting down. So here I am too.
  • corinasue1143
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    Wow! You are doing great! If you liked Spark People and did well on it, you’ll like MFP and do well on it. Welcome to all 3!
  • candysashab88
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    thank you
  • joselynmaldcol40
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    What is Spark people? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And what is MFP?
  • SoulOfFire1514
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    What is Spark people? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And what is MFP?

    SparkPeople was a fitness and nutrition tracker program, similar to My Fitness Pal. They have been running for 20 years and all of a sudden are shutting down.
    It was the most inspiring and motivating one out there, and their knowledge base and information was second to none.

    MFP is My Fitness Pal.
  • mchopper1
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    I am switching over from SP as well. I find this one harder to figure out. I hope I can figure it out. Are there any other sites out there that are user friendly? I will really miss the social aspects of SparkPeople. Good luck to everyone in their journey to healthy lives.
  • anneu53
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    good morning. I am also swapping to here as Sparks is closing. My SP name is Sunshine582. I think they are trying to see if they can come over here to do the BLC not sure.
  • May032812
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    I'm switching from SP over here, as well. Was very disappointed that they are re-vamping their site. I was on here ages ago, but found SP and switched. Guess I'm switching back!
  • momo22777
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    I've come here from Spark People as well. I'm sad to see it go but am looking forward to giving My Fitness Pal a try!
  • Tanya9895
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    I am here too because of SP. I am hoping to be able to find the same support here as on SP.
  • laurajcrawford3
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    I'm on sp too. Mfp is a little more complicated I think but I'll adapt.
  • RackMyBrains
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    Same, I was a very long-timer on SP... used it since 2004 or so IIRC. Well, here's good wishes for all of us SP exiles, cheers!
  • NanLHT
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    I was on SP for over a decade under various accounts. Most recently as NanLThompson.

    Time to sort this account out and dust it off. I'm happy to accept friend requests from other former SP members.
  • Gettingfitover60
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    I too am on SP and I'm so sad that it is closing. I joined back in 2009 and made some incredible friends there. Hopefully, I will see some of them over here while making new friends also.
  • Nevyn69
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    Hi. Looks like there are a lot of us ex-Sparkies here. Glad that we can continue our journies together.
  • Soultraveller1
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    i'm switching from spark people too. Figured i'd start switching early to get used to it.
  • Farmersonja1
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    I am also a Spark person.