Postpartum weightloss

Six weeks ago I had my second baby. I now have two under two. I have some work to do!

I have about 12 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight for this pregnancy (and about 22 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight from both pregnancies! Ouch!) but we’re not planning on anymore babies anytime soon and I’m ready for fit in my old jeans again.

It really feels like trying to take care of myself and eat healthy is a whole different ball game with small people who need me all the time. The lack of sleep isn’t helping in the motivation department!

I was hoping for some other moms to be friends with so we can support one another. Wanna join me?


  • SammiGirl1321
    SammiGirl1321 Posts: 27 Member
    Hello feel free to add me. I’m 8 months postpartum with my third baby and have about 50 pounds to lose. I am done having kids so I’m ready to lose this weight once and for all! So far I’m down 18 pounds using MyFitnessPal and exercising. Im also breastfeeding so I try not to dip below 1800 calories so that I don’t risk losing my supply. Finding time to lose weight can be challenging with little ones since all mine are under four and my baby is not a good sleeper at all. My husband is very supportive of my fitness journey so in the evenings he will round up the kiddos and take over while I fit in a 30 minute cardio session on my peloton. It took me several months to find my groove but I finally got into a rhythm with adding a third baby into the mix! You might have to get creative and just find what works for you and of course make sure you give yourself grace.