Migrating from Sparkpeople - Going to keep it going

Hello Everyone -

Glad to have found a new home with you! I have been working at a weight loss program for many, many years. Only recently have I really started working the program and seeing progress.

I have lost 22 pounds so far on a journey with 35 more pounds to go. I have added nearly daily walking to my program too! It has helped a great deal.

This is my first year of "old age" because I am certainly not middle aged any more. I am ready to make this time in my life one of my best!


  • debteveldahl86
    debteveldahl86 Posts: 52 Member
    I'm a sparkpeople member in search of a new home too. Your program sounds solid - walking is excellent its what I do, as well. Welcome to the group !!
  • Sofav7s
    Sofav7s Posts: 13 Member
    Same am a sparkpeople member as well. Also welcome.
  • carolina_girl_69
    carolina_girl_69 Posts: 97 Member
    Another sparker here. Congratulations on your success!
  • sparrow152
    sparrow152 Posts: 9 Member
    I just came here from Spark yesterday. I like it. Best wishes all.
  • jettrout
    jettrout Posts: 16 Member
  • grallen904
    grallen904 Posts: 104 Member
    Yep came from Spark. I was grallen now I'm grallen904.
  • dizzybritches
    dizzybritches Posts: 4 Member
    I was DIZZYBRITCHES on SP. Having fun finding my way around here!
  • MAMADEE016
    MAMADEE016 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi fellow Sparkers! I was MAMADEE016 on SP. AllMyMoxee here on MFP. I'm noticing a few changes since my last visit to MFP back in 2014(?) or thereabouts. I'm looking forward to connecting with many former Sparkers here. I've already updated my profile, started my blog, added my current picture, and now working on navigating around this new home for my Better Health Journey! I'm sure we'll all see more of each other as we get around here!
  • MargeMillb
    MargeMillb Posts: 13 Member
    I'm also here from SP.
  • jettrout
    jettrout Posts: 16 Member
    jettrout wrote: »
    Me too.
  • jaimez7751
    jaimez7751 Posts: 8 Member
    Me too
  • bportia25
    bportia25 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi everyone I was Mouse on SP. Just trying to figure this site out and learn how to add friends. Happy losing!
  • IngMarie1inSpain
    IngMarie1inSpain Posts: 7 Member
    Me too, co i g over from Sparkpeople.so new here ,have not added profile photo yet😱 I am Swedish ,married 2 grown daughters, migrated over to Spain when we retired.