Survived the "widowmaker"

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I was riding in Missouri this weekend (from Minnesota) and ended up in the ER with chest and back pain. Turns out that I had apparently had a heart attack some time in the previous 24 hours. They put 2 stents in my heart. How is this a victory? In the past 6 months, I have lost 40 pounds and been walking 3-7 miles a day. The Drs told me that it may be that is why I was able to survive the type of heart attack that is commonly called a "widowmaker". 3 days after the procedure and I am felling better than I have in a long time!


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    That is amazing my friend. Happy to hear you made it through and great work on the weight loss.
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    That's an inspiring story. Best wishes your future journey towards a healthy future.
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    Great work! Glad you're still around!
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    Good for you. And they likely weren't exaggerating.

    Dick Hoyt, the famous triathlete from Boston, that famously carried his son, Rick, around with him on the Boston Marathon and went on to be a legendary triathlete/Ironman (he just died recently) had that happen to him during a race. Docs said the same thing to him -- if he wasn't in such great shape, he would have died.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope your road to full recovery goes well!
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    Amazing story. I’m so happy to read your ok and feeling well. Congratulations on losing 40 pounds. It sounds like it saved your life!
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    That is fantastic! ask them to see your EKG, its really interesting because in many cases it looks like a grim reaper dissolving into a grave (I'm not kidding), I'm thrilled you survived, my brother in law was not so lucky. Stay after it! get into cardiac rehab and stay strong and fit! :)
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    What an awesome story. Keep taking care of yourself.
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    EF was at 35% right before I was released. They are hoping I can get back to approximately 50%. The estimate is that I was at 25% when I got there. The LAD was 100% blocked. My heart had actually started to create another passage.
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    Wow, I’m so happy to hear you’re still here with us. I’m glad you were fit enough to survive. That sounds very scary!
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    Oh my. How scary. What an inspiration you will be to so many. Glad it wasn't your time yet!
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    Welcome to the club! Great to be alive, isn't it? Just curious, with an EF of 35, did they give you a Zoll? Hope not...I hated the Zoll.
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    I don't know what a Zoll is. They put me on a couple of prescriptions, but didn't give me anything else. Since I was away from home, I will have to find a cardiologist to follow up with.
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    Wow, well done on your weight loss and your recovery, so pleased you are still here! Your post is something that I will take with me, and remember when I feel like slipping. I have just joined today, morbidly obese and needing to turn my life around. All this time I've been housebound, terrified that Covid would finish me. It never occurred to me that I could have a heart attack. Thank you for posting this x
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    Wow- thanks. Sometimes I need a kick in the rear to get me moving and this was it for today!
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    rlpomeroy wrote: »
    I don't know what a Zoll is. They put me on a couple of prescriptions, but didn't give me anything else. Since I was away from home, I will have to find a cardiologist to follow up with.

    I think that a Zoll is vest defibrillator. It would probably jolt you if you have another heart attack attack and put your heart back in sinus rhythms. But I don't know or think that it would be as precise as an actual defibrillator implanted in your chest cavity.

    I think that is a good idea to seek a good cardiologist and f/up further treatment, options, and care. You kneed to increase the ejection fraction. Glad that you are now doing well.