30 min cardio everyday DOWN 80LBS

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  • Fancygirl76
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    great work!
  • gcibsthom
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    Keep up the great work!
  • Piqueaboo
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    wow excellent progress, well done!!
  • lgfaciane
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    Thank you everyone
  • KevHex
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    Brilliant focus and results, well done.
  • chrisG2k
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    Good for you working hard, sticking with it and seeing the results.

    How long have you been on your 30 min routine? What type of cardio are you doing?
  • Janatki
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    Fabulous! Inspiring as I have 80 lbs to lose... seems a long way to go! Thanks for posting🙂
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    Wow you look great!
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    Holy wow! So well done and you are even more beautiful!!
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    Thank you for posting and keeping others motivated
  • julmal88
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    Example of consistency over intensity. <3
  • TracyLaRese
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    Awesome job...you look so much more vibrant and healthy. The 30-minute per day practice seems so simplistic and doable; I will try it!
  • helenkb12
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    Wow fantastic...well done you! Can I ask what type of cardio workout you are doing?
  • Becoming_A_Butterfly
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    Great job! What a testament to the value of consistency, something I am lacking lately but definitely feeling more inspired now!
  • Indialove901
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    I’ve been experimenting with cardio and weight lifting and recently added my morning cardio back into my routine. It’s definitely mental and physical exercise!
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    this gives me encouragement