My introduction

I am a 44yr old female my name is melissa. I started my journey in 2013 and ended up having a stroke in 2014 and started out at 450lbs and joined my local gym and started walking, weight training and I now weigh 156lbs as of this afternoon...all hard work no surgeries and I'm hoping my introduction has inspired even one person to keep going and remember pain is weakness leaving the body...I hope everyone reaches all their goals during your journey.


  • springlering62
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    This is absolutely wonderful!!! And after a stroke. So many people would have quit and been sorry for themselves.

    You should post it in the Success Stories area, with before and after photos, (if you’re comfortable with that.)

    I found - and still do- that board to be extremely motivating.

    I sincerely hope you’ll be active here in the community. I think you have a lot of great advice waiting to be shared!
  • shcurran6480
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    Inspirational add me!