Comment here if you want more friends-2



  • TomFit18
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    Good morning....feel free to add me!
  • tluisa311
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    Yes please!
  • liamto88
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    Hi Im Liam 32 from Leeds. Starting out on my weightloss/ fitness journey. Would be nice to chat to people in a similiar position and swap ideas/ motivations.

    Feel free to add me. Very friendly and chatty guy
  • cymande1961
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    Yes, please!
  • cymande1961
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    stortina wrote: Β»
    Hi, I'm Jess 35yrs from Sydney. Looking for friends to like/comment/encourage on MFP posts. Add me :)

    Hi, Jess! My hubby is from Perth! I love Oz =)

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    Add me 😊
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    Add me please!
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    Add me! I can always use more friends ☺️
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    Yes I could use friends
  • EyeOTS
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    Yes, please. In 30's, need some motivation to keep on the right track.
  • salvatorekitten
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    Any fellow Aussies? Feel free to add me. :smile: No matter where you are from, I will accept your request. Happy to make new friends and help to motivate others.
  • Hello, Really pleased to report a 14lbs / 1st / 6.35Kg weight loss today. Been using MFP for five weeks (but have used it successfully before too). Happy, but my new goal is to drop another stone, this time over the next six weeks, by 1st Aug 2021. Will need some support, some online friends, some encouragement. Please add me. Thanks :-)
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    Please feel free to add me.
  • livingde3dgurl_Bel
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    New from Australia. Not sure how this site works community wise as yet. Hello πŸ™‚
  • xblosh
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    Hey there! Send all good vibes from Indonesia!
    Good to know you
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    Come on Amigos add me. 😊😝
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    yes! I don't know how to add friends but add me all!
  • arthaballermo
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    feel free to add me!! brand new member here, looking to reduce by 10 pounds and get more fit overall. Cheers, Art
  • MrAPFit84
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    Yes, struggling with motivation
  • Jenpec98
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    I am already friends with some of you, but I would like to be friends with more people. Please add me.