Accountability friends :)

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Hey, hey guys and gals!

I’m currently on a journey to lose about 60 pounds and have broken it down into smaller 5 pound celebratory increments.

I’m currently 5’6 and 206 lbs. I have two small children and am currently a nursing student so time commitment is something I have to work on daily.

I’ve previously lost about 25 pounds in 2018 then gained 40 while pregnant. I’m now one year postpartum and READY to take my body back!

I know that my body and mind are capable of losing, but you can never have too many motivators!

If you’re in a similar situation (or just up for a new friendly motivator), feel free to send me a message/add me!


  • KLCruz88
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    Hey there! I am also a mom of two children but my youngest is now 6. I just recently became a stay at home mom and have finally found the time to focus on myself.

    I'm 5'5" and my heaviest was 220lbs. I'm currently sitting at 193 as of this morning. My ultimate goal is 160 but aimed at 170. I had actually hit that goal a few years ago and with work changes I put most of my weight back on. So here I go again for round two and to keep it off.
  • bhonestmommy
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    5 months postpartum with my first biological child, and just now starting to physically recover from the herniated disks. I’m so frustrated, as I had been losing weight before I got pregnant and then was so sick the whole time I became inactive. I’m so out of shape and so overweight and just feeling very defeated. I’m happy to jump on the train of women trying to be accountable. I’m hoping for 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks before my next dr appointment. Hopefully just a small thing to get a start.