Worst food ever.

shellebelle87 Posts: 292 Member
I just drank some chocolate milk...realised it expired a few days ago :frown: not fun!!!

What foods have you eaten, not realising that they had expired/gone off?


  • SERobinsonJr
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    Balut... If you have eaten Balut never talk to me. Bye
  • bby_dvll
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    baked beans.. i absolutely HATE beans
  • OpheliaCooter
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    I accidentally put roast beef in my mouth that went rancid. 😖
  • DD265
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    Orange cordial in the office last week.. it was best before February 2021. I lived to tell the tale at least.
  • ninerbuff
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    Balut... If you have eaten Balut never talk to me. Bye
    Hahaha! I eat 6 at a time.

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  • Kindhearts30
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  • MargaretYakoda
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    Icing gel for writing on a birthday cake.
    Which is bad enough….

    But it wasn’t mine.
    I had a job cleaning student apartments over the summer. And my boss somehow screwed up my paycheck so I didn’t get paid for three weeks. And by week two I had completely run out of money. And I was not going to bother my mom for money. Because she really didn’t have any anyhow. But she would have scrounged some up. And I wanted to be independent.

    I was washing walls and moving heavy furniture and I hadn’t eaten in three days. And I was biking back and forth to work.

    It was behind a stove I had just pulled out.
    And I ate it before I realized it was in my hand.

    I lived. But it’s something I will never forget.
  • RunsWithBees
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    About 21 years ago an undercooked burger from Nations made me so sick I seriously thought I was gonna die and leave my young child motherless. I couldn’t even keep down the slightest sip of water for days on end and I didn’t have insurance. I finally went to the county clinic and they gave me some meds but it still took me weeks to recover. I was already thin at that time and I became underweight after that food poisoning. To this day I won’t eat at Nations again, I realize this is irrational but I just can’t even think about eating there ever! :s
  • Motorsheen
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    On British Airways.... Soreen Malt Loaf


    ..... and y'all wonder why we kicked you out of the colonies.

    There's your answer: Malt Loaf
  • BraydanTaffy
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    I lived in IC for 1-yr as a kid. Hakarl is its national dish... putrified, rotten shark, fermented & dried for 4-5 mos.

    Disclaimer: Tread below at your own risk, where I graphically describe said dish.

    Traditionally, they buried it in the ground & just let nature take it's course... that's how I had it. It's often served with a sheep's skull & the eyeballs intact, which are eaten. Now they hang it to ah, rot. For those unfamiliar, here's an explanation of it's... flavor.

    "It has a strong ammonia-rich smell and fishy taste, making hákarl an acquired taste."

    Ya don't say. Mmmm... ammonia & fish... that wacky culinary duo, together again. Eating it is like some sort of punishment for the Lords of Valhalla.

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    Ohgodno, just say NO.