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    Context: Voyager 1, which had completed its primary mission and was leaving the Solar System, was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around and take one last photograph of Earth across a great expanse of space, at the request of astronomer and author Carl Sagan. The following quote is what came to his mind.
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    Nothing is permanent. This too shall pass... hang in there...

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    He was so based it hurts.

    The Problem of Evil..

    Is that what God does? He helps? Tell me, why didn't God help my innocent friend who died for no reason while the guilty roam free? Okay, fine. Forget the one-offs. How about the countless wars declared in his name? Okay, fine. Let's skip the random, meaningless murder for a second, shall we? How about the racist, sexist, phobia soup we've all been drowning in because of him? And I'm not just talking about Jesus. I'm talking about all organized religion... exclusive groups created to manage control, a dealer getting people hooked on the drug of hope, his followers nothing but addicts who want their hit of *kitten* to keep their... their dopamine of ignorance, addicts afraid to believe the truth... that there is no order, there's no power, that all religions are just metastasizing mind worms meant to divide us so it's easier to rule us by the charlatans that want to run us. All we are to them are paying fanboys of their poorly written sci-fi franchise. If I don't listen to my imaginary friend, why the f... should I listen to yours? People think their worship's some key to happiness. That's just how he owns you. Even I'm not crazy enough to believe that distortion of reality. So f... God. He's not a good enough scapegoat for me.
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    “You give me the chuckles.”

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    “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” *** Maya Angelou
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    “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” - me 2020
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    Bears All Things
    Believes All Things
    Hopes All Things
    Endures All Things
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    Well, Harry, I don't have any diamonds, but... I am wearing my best backwards baseball cap, complete with paint stained tee & black pajama jeans today. Stare away!
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