Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • npn98
    npn98 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I am a dietitian that tracks macros! I would love to connect with some others here on MFP. Feel free to add me!!
  • crystalbo06
    crystalbo06 Posts: 22 Member
    Trying to get my motivation back. Need some accountable friends! Feel free to add me 😁
  • VeryVeggieVegan
    VeryVeggieVegan Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! New, vegan, looking to lose 50 pounds. Please add me!
  • workoutreview
    workoutreview Posts: 12 Member
    Can we be friends?
  • VSVPXFinalChanceX
    VSVPXFinalChanceX Posts: 1 Member
    Hey guys I started ny new diet plan to lose wait to join the army. I weigh 235 and I am now down to 225 the goal is 190. I am doing net carb 5% fat 70% protein 25%
  • tinybutspiny
    tinybutspiny Posts: 25 Member
    Can we be friends?

    We cannot, there’s no add button! :) but I tried, friend.
  • Getbentornot
    Getbentornot Posts: 27 Member
    Add me. But don't. Up to you😂
  • alisha0506
    alisha0506 Posts: 4 Member
    I could definitely use more friends for motivation :)
  • lisaaa_young
    lisaaa_young Posts: 23 Member
  • I would absolutely love a motivating, encouraging and most of all funny friend!
  • Sparknado
    Sparknado Posts: 2 Member
    Looking for new friends, I’m four months into my weight loss journey with many more to go. I’m new to making friends as well…completely socially awkward. I’m the kind of person when someone says “nice weather we’re having, eh?”, I’ll respond with “you too!”
  • Tishtok__
    Tishtok__ Posts: 32 Member
    Hello, hello, I've just gotten into road cycling : ) I have a specialized Roubaix sport. Anyway... are there any serious cyclists that want to friend up with me? Garmin? Strava users?
  • 1caralouise1995
    1caralouise1995 Posts: 8 Member
    YES PLEASE! Feel free to add me. :)
  • anna_nintey3
    anna_nintey3 Posts: 843 Member
    Please add me if you're up for being friends
  • rl345
    rl345 Posts: 29 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • Hi! Looking to add friends!
  • cherokei1
    cherokei1 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m also looking for more friends. Thanks! ☺️
  • Swiftlet66
    Swiftlet66 Posts: 729 Member
    Looking for active friends! Feel free to add
  • Lala_Smiley
    Lala_Smiley Posts: 85 Member

    Would love to meet new people from around the world 🥰 Add me!
  • stephensweeney93
    stephensweeney93 Posts: 57 Member

    42 year old Brit here.

    Here (again) primarily to lose weight. Currently weigh 21st 11lbs (305lbs) and want to lose 109lbs.

    My vices are beer, bread, high calorie fatty foods and being inactive.

    Looking for friends to share the journey with and help keep me on the aright and narrow.