Switched Scales - Multiple Results - What Do You Do

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What do you do when you switch scales, and the new scale registers a different weight than the old one when you weigh yourself on both? I recently put a digital scale into use to replace an old analog one. I weighed myself on both scales at the same time, and the digital scale registered 3-4 pounds heavier than the analog one.

I then got another, even newer, digital scale, and put that one into use. I weighed myself on all three, and got three different results: the first digital scale was the heaviest, the newest digital was a pound or so lighter, and the analog the lightest by a couple of pounds from the newest digital.

Which should I believe is my real weight, and which should I use to keep track of my progress? I was using the analog one previously, so I guess I should keep using that one for record keeping here, even if it isn't "accurate". Is that the correct thing to do? Any ideas and input is greatly appreciated!


  • MaltedTea
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    My digital scale is almost a decade old. I weigh myself every morning, fasted and "in the raw" three times. As long as at least two of the three readings are the same, I'm good 🤷🏿‍♀️

    As Alisa mentioned, just pick a scale and track the trend. Sounds like there's less than a 5 pound variance anyway, which isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things
  • AnnofB
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    I agree with alisampm and MaltedTea. I had the same experience when my old scale died. I sure hated going backward a few pounds. But, your weight is always going to fluctuate, throughout your day, even with the same scale, so.... don't let it bother you. Just keep going. 🙂

    You could try measuring yourself as another way of seeing progress too.

    Wishing you every success!
  • mom22dogs
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    I agree with the others, just pick one and move on.
  • manderson27
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    I check my scale by putting 2x5kg weights on it. So I know it is weighing accurately. I would use something you know the weight of to check all three of your scales and use the one that is the most accurate.
  • spiriteagle99
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    I had the same issue when I bought a new digital scale. All of a sudden I weighed 7 lbs. more. It was very disheartening. We checked the new scale against the scale at the doctor's office and it was accurate. If you don't want to check accuracy at a doctor's office, or can't, then use one of the two digital scales. One pound isn't that much difference.