• mainelylisa
    mainelylisa Posts: 375 Member
    I'm on an extended (maybe forever) break. Have lost weight, improved skin, energy, and am developing interests and goals I just couldn't seem to muster when I was drinking prob 10-15 wines a week. Hi @ahoy_m8 ! There's a Less Alcohol thread if anyone is interested--very supportive and non-judgmental--everyone is trying to drink less--whatever that means for them.
  • terri092990
    terri092990 Posts: 15 Member
    Good for you! I haven't had any in 6+ years! I remember all the eating more than I should because I was so hungry. don't miss it. Now if I can decrease my intake of fruit........... a lot of extra sugar. I know it's natural, but a bit too much. Better than a baked good!
  • Beelady516
    Beelady516 Posts: 10 Member
    I love a glass of vino or two on back porch with friends two times a week ..recently I cut the glass down to a smaller portion.. I don't eat when I have wine I may try to cut it down even..more ..we will see.. it's a social thing for me🍹
  • saintor1
    saintor1 Posts: 375 Member
    I would enjoy/love a "little scare" to make me drink less. Not something general, but down-to-earth evidences that it affects the human tissues. At the same time, I know that it can't be good. At least, it didn't affect my weight.
  • Jungley
    Jungley Posts: 23 Member
    What an excellent thread - really rams it home for me as the difference between drinking and not is absolutely huge for me. I'm currently taking a break from it and the weight is dropping off. I'd love to make it permanent - i do love a glass of wine (or 10) in winter so massive challenge ahead.
  • nexangelus
    nexangelus Posts: 2,081 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Moderate alcohol consumption is not the end of the world, or complete doom to health.

    This^^^^^^^^ I consume little to no alcohol usually, but now indulge in social I am the opposite, not cutting it out, I am adding it in now am maintaining....quite enjoying it, although the late nights might have to stop...sleep is defo necessary! ; )

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