Belt/Armband For Running

Any recommendations on a decent belt or armband for running? Just looking for a suggestion


  • Deanner03
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    Do you mean to hold things? If so, I use the sport2people running belt (about $13 on Amazon). It holds my phone, ID, keys, etc when I don't have pockets. I've even tossed a small water bottle in one of the pockets, and clipped a small collapsible water dish to it for my dog. It doesn't slide/shift, and holds a ton of stuff.
  • mikhnpaitsmum
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    I love the Flipbelt.
  • springlering62
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    I’ve got six of these running belts, and keep them washed and in rotation.

    I have the biggest iPhone, in a Smartish wallet case, and it holds it well, along with keys.

    The belts haven’t stretched or shrunk, and have held up great through lots of use.

    I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping a microfiber hand towel folded over and behind my running belt, to keep my phone from getting sweaty.

    It’s been a nagging fear ever since I burnt up a very expensive iPod carrying it in my bra.

    If you get a running belt, it’s imperative to use both upper and lower folds, otherwise things will go flying, as I found out myself. Complaints in reviews about things falling out is operator error. The instructions are very clear.
  • mikedee_nyc
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    Awesome. Thank you for the suggestions
  • Duck_Puddle
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    I stand firmly behind flip belt. I have the zipper one. I have the largest iPhone and carry fuel/gels, water, all kinds of other crap and an external battery for very long runs. I’ve never had anything fall out or have the belt slip/drop/shift/chafe. It’s comfortable and holds everything I need for most runs.
  • I also would recommend the flipbelt 👍🏻👍🏻