Success Story in progress?

Hello world (group)... I want to be a success story but for right now, I am just a story. Being a 35 year old midwestern male with 4 daughters, to say I am a bit overwhelmed and out number is just scratching the surface. I have a Pelly and freaking love that thing... WHEN I GET ON IT. But kind of like they say over at Peloton, if you are on it, you already did the hard thing. Well I just paid $80 for a 1 year MFP subscription so. I guess I have done the hard thing here. I want to be dedicated and I want to change my life for the better. FOOD and EXERCISE are the two things that I can control on my own. I look forward to seeing peoples success and look if you need someone to tell you to put that jelly donut down and get on the bike... maybe don't reach out to me just yet... but please do check it.

Like Emma Love says, you didn't wake up to give up. I am woke!