Lower abs - post wheelchair

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Years ago I've been in a wheelchair for about 6 months. Since then I've spent a log of time laying down (too weak&sick to sit) and my lower abs just won't come back/recover. I'm still young, 26, and my lover abs have always been my weakest point but I feel like since the wheelchair thing they're a lost cause.
Can anyone send me some easy beginner lower ab workouts?
I've been working out and noticing improvement everywhere except my lower abs. I know they're harder to target than the upper abs since those have improved. Is there any hope for me? Are my lower abs a lost cause?
Anyone with experience on this?
I've been thinking about possibly doing post pregnancy workouts since they might target that area.
What are you guys thoughts? Anything I should or shouldn't do?


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    How are you determining your lower abs are your "weakest point"?

    Also, what exercises/activities are you currently doing?
  • Archcurl
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    They hurt the most when I work out. There's a lot of ab exercises I can't do because they are too hard.
    I currently swim about once a week and I work out every day to every other day. I do a lot of online workouts, Caroline Girvan, cloe ting etc.
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    Some people can't do certain ab exercises, but that's not necessarily bad. Ab exercises aren't as important for fitness as compound exercises (squats, push-ups, rows, etc), which more closely match how we use our abs in daily life, which is to say they rarely are needed to the point of pain. Personally i'd focus on compound exercises, and then finish off with a couple sets of the ab roller, which works the entire abs well, or do the same movement using paper plates. As you get stronger on those, you should find that other ab exercises are easier, if you choose to include them.
    Btw, here's a good workout from Caroline that is compound-based: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GViX8riaHX4.
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    Ab rollers are great, but could be a bit advanced especially if starting from a depleted state, maybe even increase injury risk (along the lines mentioned in the good Athlean-X video linked above).

    IMO, this article can be helpful as a progression to that point, with useful but less risky exercises to start, then work up to the ab roller:


    Someone else more experienced/knowledgeable than I recommended it on another ab/core exercise thread, I think it was @Theoldguy1 - I found it quite helpful.
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    Definitely look into postpartum ab exercises. They are very gentle & often target the mid/lower abs. There is also usually a progression built into them, as they are designed to rehab your abs to a "normal" range after they've been stretched. I did them for a while after having my son. There are a million different ones online.
  • Archcurl
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    Thanks guys! These tips are super helpful and I'll definitely be using them!