When to adjust

So, do I just wait till I reach my plateau before I lower my calorie goal?


  • ama3387
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    I go in and adjust the 1st of every month just so I don’t forget. But it also happens to be around 10lbs lost.
  • waleson85
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    I change my calorie goal sometimes each week or alternate depending on what I want to do. So in short you honestly can change it whenever you want.
  • Strudders67
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    In the years that I've been on here, the general suggestion has always been to do so after every 10lb lost.

    However, after an extended period of cutting cals, you may need a diet break for a few weeks so switch to maintenance, or you may find you're struggling so change to lose at a slower rate in order to give yourself more calories, or you may have lost enough that you only have a smaller amount left to lose, so you'd change to lose at a slower rate and gradually decrease your deficit.
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    FWIW: You may not plateau. I never did. I pretty much had to increase my calorie intake as a I went along, to slow the loss and keep it at a reasonable rate for my decreased body size.

    If you start to slow down in loss, gradually, and still have plenty of weight to lose, you can decrease calories to keep your loss rate in the 0.5-1% of current weight per week loss region, as long as the process stays sustainable for you. (You don't want to cut so far you start derailing in reaching goals because it's Too Hard, y'know?) Some people gain energy as they get lighter, so burn more calories in daily life, though that's not true for everyone.

    A fast stall - going from a good loss rate to very small loss suddenly, with no big change in eating/activity - is usually some weird water weight thing, not a cause to reduce calories. Actually stalling in weight loss is more likely to be a gradual slowing of loss rate.

    How long have you been at your current goal? How fast have you been losing, at first and recently? If things are going OK, or you're just getting started, I guess I'm wondering why worry about when to cut calories.

    Best wishes!
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    lgfrie wrote: »
    It's more important to have a diet you can live with all the way to the end goal than to maintain a certain rate of weight loss.

    QFT :love:

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    As I was losing I ended up cutting the calories by about 100/day as my weight loss stalled and that seemed to kick start it. When I got to a weight that was in the middle of the BMI range I kept the calories stable and still lost very slowly so I started increasing the goal by about 100/cals day. did that until the weight stabilized. Interestingly enough I started out at 2,000 cals/day to lose and now at 2,000 cals/day to maintain. Of course I do a lot more exercise now.