Splendid thread!

The comments here are really wonderful. I have lost 20 pounds, with another 10 to go. So many comments are meaningful to me, I think I've experienced most of them. My one regret is that my late husband never saw me looking this good. But he loved me anyway. I seem to be on a plateau for quite awhile. I hope I get off it soon, but I'm never giving up. Love you all. 😍


  • Elske224
    Elske224 Posts: 15 Member

    20 lbs lost nice job <3 and a plateau is usually on the scale, make sure to notice and celebrate the NSV's when in a plateau :)

    I've lost 18.8 lbs so far and want to lose another 65 lbs in total :)

    You got this !

  • ThisMagicMoment
    ThisMagicMoment Posts: 38 Member
    gerryca wrote: Β»
    My one regret is that my late husband never saw me looking this good. But he loved me anyway.

    I have this same regret.

    I lost 40 pounds the year my husband died, and wish I would have been able to do that while he was still here.

  • poisonesse
    poisonesse Posts: 524 Member
    I had reached goal, dropped another 5 pounds, was finally happy with myself... and the pandemic hit. Like many I gained 20 pounds or so and just couldn't get rid of it. I lost my hubby, too, in September, and now I'm finally starting to lose the pandemic weight. And I know the hubby is up there cheering me on! Stay the course, that plateau will crash at one point or another. We can ALL do this! πŸ˜‰πŸ’—
  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 493 Member
    The main thing is that you are doing this and you are committed to reaching your goal. Too often we look back and wish "if only" and it's hard sometimes to move past that thought and just focus on today. Plateaus happen and someone told me when I was losing weight that a plateau is practice for maintenance. That helped and eventually broke through those plateaus and kept going. You can do it too!
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