Anyone else have a food hangover from Thanksgiving?

I felt gross after eating our Thanksgiving meal last night up until bedtime and still feel gross today. I even took 4 Tums last night with not a ton of relief. I'm not sure if it's from overeating at one meal and/or some of the foods I ate yesterday are foods I'm sensitive to and/or the two glasses of wine ( which I'm also sensitive to). I didn't even eat that much yesterday overall, not anything crazy. The thing is, I have eaten like this at previous Thanksgivings and don't remember feeling this bad. The difference between this year and previous ones is that I've since discovered some of my food sensitivities and have been mostly avoiding them since. I also weigh about 8-10 less since then, too. In any case, I don't want to feel like this again, and I'll be doin it again with my mom and one fomy brothers family again tomorrow! Definitely will not nearly as much and no wine!


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    I would eat less and avoid food and drink that are sensitive for you , doesn't like it's worth it to eat this way. Also make a couple of dishes that are a little healthier that you can incorporate into the meal that you ca. Eat without having provlems