hit a weight loss plateau

I have hit a weight loss plateau even though I am still a ways away from my goal and I'm wondering what I can do to overcome this. I've been exercising regularly. I know that people might say to cut my calories and i am trying, but I feel like I am eating a low amount of calories and still my weight hasn't budged for over a month. I weigh 165, and am 5'3. I was 200 pounds and have worked hard to lose the weight this far, at first it came off a lot easier obviously and then it started to decline a bit, but like I said this last month- 6 weeks I have not lost any. Any suggestions for people who have experienced this?


  • Redordeadhead
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    You say you feel like you are eating a low amount of calories - how many calories are you eating and how are you measuring them?
  • Cj833
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    I’m eating 1400-1600 depending on the day. I have a food scale to weigh meat and stuff like that, and measuring cups if I’m eating something like cottage cheese or whatever. I’m working out 2-3 days at gym and 6 out of 7 days reach my step goal of 11k, usually getting a lot more on weekends.
  • Cj833
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    Some days I don’t count my food as accurately but keep it similar to what I’ve eaten on other days that I know calorie count of. Maybe I’m way under estimating how many calories I’m eating?
  • nanastaci2020
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    Improving your accuracy - using a food scale to spot check your estimations - seems like a good idea. The notation of '1 cup' or '1/4 cup' on solid food does not necessarily equal that amount when put into a measuring cup. I have no idea why the US uses 'cups' on solid food. If you check your regularly consumed items, you will probably learn your portion sizes are more than you think.

    Also, prepackaged single items are often off. I had 2 'large' hard boiled eggs this morning. Package says 50g each. But the combined weight was 110g, not 100g. An extra 10-20% here & there can really add up. This is true for slices of bread & other bread products especially. And then items like fruit: a listing may say 1 medium banana but you don't know how your banana compares to that one. So use listings that include weight, instead. If my banana is 115g I can log that accurately without trying to figure out if it is 'medium' or 'large'.