Belly fat lose

I am a 28 year old man. I have belly fat. I want to lose it. How do i start. What foods do i eat? I do not know where to begin.


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    You can't target specific body parts for weight loss. You just need to lose weight and with time your belly fat will go down too.

    You don't need to eat specific foods, you just need to eat less calories than your body needs to lose weight. What you eat is only important in that it will influence your satiation and hunger, making it easier or harder to stick with a lower food intake. It's highly individual: some people prefer a relatively high protein intake or fiber intake, etc. You can experiment to find what works for you.

    Without knowing you're stats, it's hard to be precise, but generally it's good to aim for losing 0.5-1% of bodyweight per week. So go to the MFP goal set-up, enter your stats and activity level (not including exercise) and an appropriate weight loss rate. Eat the calories MFP tells you to eat, log exercise if and when you do any and eat back at least half of those extra calories. Log your food intake as accurately as you can. Try that for a month and see what happens.
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    I've lost a lot of belly fat (I've loss 50 ish pounds) and still have plenty of it to lose (I have 20 ish pounds left to lose) hopefully this will help my belly, but no certain foods have made a difference for the loss. Eating in a deficit will make you lose overall body fat and if it happens to come off from your belly your fortunate as said from the previous poster we can't pick where the fat burns from. But we can work our core to tighten and help firm the area as we lose overall fat. Of course I eat healthy and lean as possible for me to stay in a deficit, but there are those days where I have higher calories and more fat and I've still loss fat. Because it is all about balance, weigh and measure your food, eat from all healthy food groups unless there is something you can't eat because of health and dietary restrictions, drink plenty of water, exercise if you can (walking is easiest for most but not all for exercise) Log and journal your food intake here and or a paper journal, keep coming back here for support, encouragement and wonderful tools of success. You can do this, take it one day at a time, hope this helps you. Have a good weekend :lol:
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    You just have to lose weight. You can't target fat from any specific area. For most men, the belly is primary fat stores, so it's a first on last off kind of deal.
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    another oldie but goodie...

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    In my experience weight comes from where it wants to. My top tips bc I have been at this a long time and what I have learned: count you calories and log all your foods here pre logging foods helps also going over your calories or avoid making some calories mistakes. Also making your meals for the week is especially helpful to stay on track. Find a good diet that you can stick to and isn’t too restrictive in what you eat, you can step up into those later when you feel more willpower. For me the best diet was choose more lose more by Chris Powell it is carb cycling but he teaches you about portions and I never felt a need to cheat like I did with other diets I tried. I also learned that you don’t have to exercise to lose weight which for years I tried many excercise and diet plans, due to mobility issues I had to lose weight without exercise. Now I lost about 50 lbs without an excercise plan just daily activity. Strictly diet calories and limited carb intake. Eventually in my journey I went on to intermittent fasting, one meal a day, and two meal a day. I had to count calories in this as well this allowed me to lose weight in body more than scale my body changed a lot I lost a lot in my belly and hips eventually. I never had these results in my body before when losing weight. I have to say focusing on your protein and fats is important bc those keep you full not enough and you are hungry quickly so learning you balance and how to spend your calories wisely is very important. It’s learning what works for your body.