Avocado Toast



  • Roadgrader15
    Roadgrader15 Posts: 223 Member
    Toast, ricotta cheese, avacado (sliced or mashed), and sometimes a scrambled egg. Little bit of salt. Little bit of pepper.
  • Hi, I normally just mash mine up, plain with marmite.
  • cwolfman13
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    I eat a lot of avocado, but I'm not into the toast thing really...though I like it sliced on my toasted turkey/bacon/tomato sandwiches.
  • somecoolname0411
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    guac, everything but the bagel seasoning, feta crumbles and sliced cherry tomatoes
  • queenfree28
    queenfree28 Posts: 4 Member
    I LOVE avocados. I try them all different ways but as long as I add some pink salt, I’m good. I do like buying a brand called Cabofresh that’s a squeeze tube and little mashed avo in cups in addition to avocados when I see it because it helps me not waste avocados going bad, or having to throw away the second half. I will squeeze some on eggs, little mini tacos on jicama shells from Trader Joe’s, etc. I also just tried a combo of cottage cheese and mashed avocado with salt on the unbun brand bagel… so good!
  • MustangCassie
    MustangCassie Posts: 65 Member
    I love avocado toast. I mash half of a small Haas avocado, spread it o toasted sourdough bread and add toppings. If I have carmelized onions it’s a real treat. I top it all off with a few grains of pink salt, a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of evo.
  • janlevinart
    janlevinart Posts: 1 Member
    I love avocado toast! My favorite way to eat it is on sourdough bread with onion salt and nutritional yeast flakes. Yum!
  • leesandra25
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    Hi! I mash mine and add tablespoon of Miracle Whip light. Then spread on toast!
  • Elphaba1313
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    Mashed avo on vegemite toast is so good. Top it with a poached egg and OMG [email protected]
  • sparknb
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    edited December 2021
    Mostly eat it with a spoon, about a third of an avocado, along with, or sometimes scooped onto, my nightly 'big salad.' Not much of a morning avo person, which is when I have bread (usually untoasted, with nut butters and fruit). Bread best if multi-grain, I esp. enjoy 70 cal. Dave's Killer 24 seed (kinda thin slices), though store was out last time, so trying 45 cal. Inked Keto Timber Wolf Keto Seeds, and it's not bad, not as good as Dave's, but for 45 cals...not bad. Have had it as avocado toast on occasion, put a bunch of freshly ground black pepper on it (which I prefer to salt), and it was good; also really enjoy it with Mexican food. PS: iirc, avocado can be frozen to preserve it
  • gutzbgon
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    Mashed avo on vegemite toast is so good. Top it with a poached egg and OMG [email protected]

    @Elphaba1313 Yesssss vegemite - add a sprinkling of Everything Bagel over the egg as well - next level