Fitbit scale

Does anyone have the Fitbit scale? How do you like it? I'm thinking of asking for that and/or the Fitbit for Christmas. Do you all recommend them?



  • amessm
    amessm Posts: 2
    I'd also like to know. I'm considering the FitBit Scale and the Fitbit Ultra Tracker
  • Jarg308
    Jarg308 Posts: 1 Member
    Had Fitbit scale for several years and love it.
  • lizbeaven60
    lizbeaven60 Posts: 1 Member
    I have a Fitbit Versa 2 watch and a Fitbit Aria Scale, have had not issues with them.
  • nanastaci2020
    nanastaci2020 Posts: 1,041 Member
    I have the Aria 2. I've had it a while, perhaps 3-4 years? I like that it syncs to my Fitbit profile, so I don't have to log weight. And I can easily look at my trends/history. It can be set for multiple profiles. If you have people in the household that are close in weight you'll need to pay attention that it assigns the right profile. It WILL give you that option if necessary. For me & Hubs, however, are weights are drastically different so not an issue.

    If someone steps on without a profile, and is not close in weight to someone with a profile it logs as 'Guest'.