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"Planned" food in diary with checkoff

I like to plan out my day's meals in the morning and enter them all to see where the calories end up. Keeps me honest as I have a plan. It would be nice if this was a "feature" where where we can enter planned meals, then "check off" the meals through out the day.
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  • chris89topher
    chris89topher Posts: 386 Member
    100% agreed. I have seen this mentioned several times before, and I want this too. 👍
  • Wings_Of_Love
    Wings_Of_Love Posts: 3 Member
    Yes please!
  • moad85
    moad85 Posts: 3 Member
    why not just enter it in for future days?
  • chris89topher
    chris89topher Posts: 386 Member
    moad85 wrote: »
    why not just enter it in for future days?

    I think it would be helpful to be able to check things off. For example, say I know I want to have two protein bars during the day so I pre-log them under snacks. Well I want to check them off as I eat them so I don't forget I already had one of my "rations" if that makes sense.
  • I agree 100% Only reason I logged into the website, and not just continue in the app alone, was to see if this could be requested.
    Definitely should be an "advanced" feature that you turn on (like the quick entry mode)
    Maybe a specific "planning mode" could be selected so it automatically leaves the entries made "unchecked". Then and only if planning mode was used would it let you check off the items. Maybe show the planned items differently visually to evoke the eternalness of these being future activity.