How did you make it through Christmas without gaining ?



  • KarmaKamen
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    I gained 3 lbs, but I think it was partially water retention, stress, lack of sleep. Luckily, I was able to lose them pretty quickly. I would have gained more, if I didn't try to limit things as much as I did. The main thing I did, was continue to track, and portion things out. If I had a holiday snack, it was like 2 pieces of candy or a cookie. Nothing more than 150 calories at a time. The thing I did wrong was too much salt / sodium and carbs.
  • Kaitensatsuma
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    I did and I didn't.

    Did I eat my usual calorie target of around 1500 through most of the week? Yes I did.

    Did I also down a slab of prime rib today with roast potatoes and am currently enjoying some tea with biscotti, waiting for the ball to drop? Yes I am.

    One day doesn't ruin my life or erase the last 364 days progress, nor decide the next 365 days of my life. I have a calisthenics workout plan, I'm up to 100lbs in my sandbag for squats, stairs and short walks around my condo complex, and up to 50lbs in my rucksack for longer 5 mile walks. I'm down to 11 miles per minute on my longer 8-10 mile jog/walks and up to 14 miles per hour on my bike for 24 mile rides, most everything is closed tomorrow so I'm going for a nice, relaxed, long walk, and into the new year.
  • makkimakki2018
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    I just ate a normal meal like always and didn't change my diet even if it's a holiday. It's good that people enjoy the holidays, but it's also a good idea to understand that sometimes the mission comes first too. Happy Holidays.
  • KL1887
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    Gaining over a one day holiday shouldn’t reflect on the other days of the year, provided you have a consistent downward trend (it will spike, flatline and drop, not only drop) or lose what you’ve gained if you’re at maintenance weight then the holidays should be fine. Just eat at your allowance for the rest of the time and it’ll be fine.
  • anneg50
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    I did not.
  • ginamyrmel
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    I expected to be a little loose with calories and carbs, but went way over. My sweet potatoes are to die for, so I indulged. I still logged and weighed myself daily, seeing in horror that I gained 9 pounds. I was happy to get back on track the day after Christmas and have already lost 5 pounds. Four more will be a breeze. I'm delighted to see how easily and quickly I can lose weight if I just stick to my plan.