Help - broth/stock calories??

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Heya! My friend shared with me her chicken noodle soup recipe the other month and I could honestly live off it - tastiest soup I've ever made 😍

Now, kicking off the much needed diet (new year new me and all those cliches) - I want to try and work out how many calories it would work out at πŸ€”

I'm hot on weighing all edible ingredients, but howtf do I work out the stock?

A- entire chicken bones boiled for 3 hours
B- it's also boiled with veg such as celery, parsnips, onion etc - but these along with bones are strained, so it's just the liquid broth...

Any geniuses out there able to help? πŸ™πŸ»


  • goal06082021
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    tbh I just assume my homemade stock is equivalent to the stuff in the box and use those calories, which is about 10 cal per 240ml. The calories are pretty much all coming from the fat extracted from the chicken carcass, and honestly I usually scrape most of that off before using my stock anyway, since there's probably already some fat in the pan, be it butter or oil. (My Jewish grandmother would be aghast at me throwing away schmaltz like that, so don't tell her.)
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    There are entries for homemade stock that tend to have more cals than the storebought stuff (and also some more protein), but I think those assume that some meat is included with it -- or perhaps that you get the marrow if cooked long enough -- and so include more fat and protein cals, even though it is assumed to be filtered.
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    I'm intrigued, would love the recipe if you can share!
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    I make my own stock quite a bit of the time and I just use the same calories as the stuff I buy at the store. I'm sure there is a difference, but it's pretty negligible.
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    I make my own stock regularly. I usually roughly double the calories of a boxed stock. I make stock the ahead of time and make sure it cools completely so I can skim all of that fat. I assume I miss some, so I double it - other than that I assume the difference is negligible, especially considering the extra nutrients in homemade stock.