Restarting my weight loss journey - need pals!

t4yt0 Posts: 8 Member
Hi! I've been around here for years now, on and off and, after a recent miscarriage plus a few MS relapses, I'm way above where I want to be regarding weight.
I've just gone through my friend list and found that lots of people have gone inactive or haven't used this platform for ages so I'm looking for new friends to motivate me and vice versa!


  • drusilla126
    drusilla126 Posts: 478 Member
    I'm restarting too. Feel free to add me.
  • Calamitycazza
    Calamitycazza Posts: 87 Member
    Hiya! I'm sorry to hear that ❤️ I'm restarting too. I'm the heaviest I have been and want to find new friends to help motivate and inspire me 😊 I'm 28 live in the UK. Feel free to add me
  • JustSmitten77
    JustSmitten77 Posts: 14 Member
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    Hi, started 2 days ago. I’m on board :) feel free to add me too.
  • lynnie4
    lynnie4 Posts: 19 Member
    Me too. Please feel free to add me. I’ve put on another stone almost instead of losing one last year. Im upping my walking and filling in my diary, hubby is also doing it too which helps. I’ve now emigrated to Cyprus which you think is great grilled meat salad etc but everything is served with chips and pitta! Going back to my SW recipes but Calorie counting too.
  • t4yt0
    t4yt0 Posts: 8 Member
    Thanks everyone! I've added you all. Looking forward to the motivation!
  • kelly101386
    kelly101386 Posts: 389 Member
    I've restarted too xx I'm also very sorry to hear about what you've gone through xx
  • SuzFit212
    SuzFit212 Posts: 153 Member
    I'm also restarting. I sent you a friend request :)
  • atecate
    atecate Posts: 1 Member
    Restarting as well 😊
  • jessienani
    jessienani Posts: 60 Member
    Feel free to add me! I'd love to grow my support group!
  • Mom24_2021
    Mom24_2021 Posts: 42 Member
    You can add me :) I’m not sure how to add in the app.
  • JustSmitten77
    JustSmitten77 Posts: 14 Member
    Starting too! I don’t know how to add the others. Please help me to add me☺️
  • Vikingsmom43
    Vikingsmom43 Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me I just joined and looking for friends
  • jerseygene
    jerseygene Posts: 129 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • lookoutlouise
    lookoutlouise Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me also am trying to lose weight to lower my cholesterol
    After having two babies