Do You Enjoy Indoor Cycling?

I started indoor cycling a few years ago. Now I teach hundreds of people via zoom. I’m definitely a indoor cycling junkie lol


  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    My favourite cardio is my stationary bike! Never done a class, but mine has so many programs and I have several favourites.
  • NorthCascades
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    No. I mean if it's a choice between riding an indoor bike nowhere and getting a root canal, I would need to know how long you want me on the wheel.
  • sijomial
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    I enjoy outdoor cycling but only endure indoor cycling for the training benefits.
    But that tends to be technical training and definitely not a class.

    When I was working full time indoor training was often the only way to maintain my fitness but now I'm retired I can get maximum time in the countryside.
  • Djproulx
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    Another outdoor cyclist who trains indoors during the winter, mostly doing workouts ridden on my own bike and trainer. I do enjoy an occasional spin class for the social aspect and to add some variety.
  • AnnPT77
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    Not really.

    I'm really an on-water rower, machine row in Winter because my river freezes. I like to mix in biking with rowing (loosely, alternating days) because my aging (66 y/o) body seems to do better if I don't row every day, day after day, fun though that would be in on-water season until overuse problems kicked in. In summer, I ride a hybrid bike on the local trail system a couple of days a week, weather permitting, and row 4 on water 4 days.

    I used to take spin classes at my Y twice a week pre-pandemic, and that was really fun. However, one of the last things that happened before the pandemic was me catching a non-Covid respiratory virus from a rude woman in the class, turned into coughing for weeks, so my enthusiasm to returning to spin class is low until we're well out of the pandemic at least. This past January, I got a stationary bike for home use. That's not even as fun as spin, or outdoor cycling, but I'm including it routinely in the Winter mix.

    I don't like video/online classes of any type much, generally, though I've occasionally used some.

    Happy to hear you (and others) have found what's perfect for you, though. Congrats on stepping up to instructing, too!
  • sgt1372
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    Stopped using my expensive LeMond RevMaster Pro spin bike enirely after I bought my less expensive Concept2 rower about 6 yrs ago which is currently my only for of exercise which I use to row 10k meters per day, 5 days a wk .

    Tried selling it a couple of times w/o sucess because I didn't want to price it so low that I'd basically be giving it away So, now it just sits neglected in my foyer (the only place it will fit in my house w/o being in the way).

    Oh well . . . it's not the only piece of exercise equipment that I currently have sitting around unused.
  • jhanleybrown
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    Haven't been in this community for a while but need to shed my holiday weight before spring (when I can get back outside on my bike).

    But...yes. Rode just under 9k miles in 2021. Prefer outside but much of it indoors due to weather, work, life etc.

    I'm into Zwift and Trainer Road these days and have a dedicated indoor bike (an old TI Litespeed) that I bought used on a Wahoo Kikr. Peloton not for me although Matt Wilpers and Christine D'ercole are great and I will do that via app when traveling for work.

    Not really trying to compete anymore. Just a means to maintain health and you get to see some beautiful stuff on a bike outside. I have a real life cycling group.

    So...yeah...I'm fairly bike addicted and indoor is a big (although not the best...) part of that.
  • cwolfman13
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    I'm primarily an outdoor road cyclist and sometimes mountain biker. During the winter I use Zwift along with my direct drive indoor smart trainer to keep up with my fitness and get ready for the spring cycling season. It's not my favorite thing in the world as I'd much rather be on the road or on the trails, but Zwift has made indoor training at least somewhat enjoyable and more interactive than when I had my dumb trainer and I stared at the tv or the wall. If the weather is decent, I still try to get out for a ride on the weekends, but during the work week I have to train indoors due to it's dark when I'm not at work.

    I used to do spin classes in the winter but haven't done much of that since the pandemic hit. I enjoy it, but my state has indoor mask requirements and I can't do spin in a mask...I tried a couple times this winter and it's just sucky in a mask.
  • ADC0809
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    I had just started taking Indoor Biking classes in early 2020 . . . I purchased an upright bike for home but it is not the same in mid 2020 and just recently purchased a recumbent bike for home that I love!

    After reading Jhanleybrown post noting the almost 9k miles rode last year. That peaked my interest, I would like to track my miles this year just for myself but doing so will keep me motivated - now I'm excited about Indoor Cycling!

    I have 16+ miles so far.
  • mirianyusm
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    I think spinning classes are fun and if you have a good instructor, they can be very challenging. I live in the Chicago area and in winter, that is the only option I have. I love to ride a bike outdoors in the other seasons, but still, I think that spinning is very helpful.
  • kcjchang
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    Second on TrainerRoad but on RGT Cycling rather than Z. Structured training on week days and simulated courses (magic road) weekend. I averaged 7 hours per week 2021 and now ramping it up to 12 hours average per week to get ready for CA Triple Crown attempt. Hope to start outdoors rides in spring. DW had me locked up indoors since the pandemic.