I need venison recipes please

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I have steaks roast backstraps burger and breakfast sausage. Any good recipes would be appreciated!!


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    Go to pinterest, the choices are endless
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    lorb1965 wrote: »
    Go to pinterest, the choices are endless

    Thank you I didn’t think of pinterest lol
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    Back strap stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese wrapped with bacon and grill on pit. That's how I do it most of the time very good!
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    Look up hank shaw's website. Hunter-angler-gardner-cook. His venison chili is out of this world. All of his recipes I've tried were so good I bought his book. You can find a lot of his recipes online tho.
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    I don't get venison often, so lucky you, but tend to cook it like lean beef.
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    Take those back straps and cook them like a filet minion (simple tasty way to eat blackstrap without sacrificing great deer flavor) on Pandora dear both sides flavor to liking cook medium rare as venison continues to cook even after off the pan

    Chili is a good option as said above

    Another great thing is crockpotting it for 8 hours again with seasoning of choice (bbq style my preference) and then shred it and have like pulled pork on buns or rice

    Venison stew another great option

    The sausage if you grind up the sausage if their links put in a pasta sauce

    Or if sausage links. Then simple have with breakfast

    I try not to do a super intense meal with venison because I want the deer flavor still
    I’m an avid hunter don’t wanna ruin that great tender juicy lean tasty protein meat😋
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    Panfry^^^. Damn spellcheck
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    Venison roast can be cooked like a pot roast, with added tomatoes to reduce gaminess. Simmer or roast in covered pan with potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, basil, rosemary, italian spices or onion soup. Let it simmer for hours (or crockpot) until the meat is fork tender. Awesome!
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    See Scott Rea for inspiration.
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    Cook the roast in a crock pot with onions and mushrooms, salt, pepper, garlic and a little Worcestershire. When its done, take out the roast (I cut the onion in quarters and remove that also...but that's just preference) and chop/shred. Make a milk based gravy out of the juices (I do 2% milk into a roux made from the juices and flour). Thicken it as you like and add the cooked mushrooms and meat back into the sauce. Add more Worcestershire, salt/pepper to taste. Some low fat sour cream (or regular, if you like), Occasionally I'll add a little cheddar cheese. Eat over rice, egg noodles, toast, whatever. It's a like a much healthier version of stroganoff.
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    Add a Tablespoon (or more) of Balsamic Vinegar to any venison and cook it like lean beef. We had 100% venison hamburgers last night with balsamic vinegar, jalapeño and onions. You can mix in some beef burger to give it some fat.
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    Venison is a staple in our house… love seeing someone else cooking here with venison on MFP!

    If it’s venison steak or tenderloin.. those are nice cuts of meat.. I keep it kinda simple and let the cut of meat be the star of the show.

    I just made venison tenderloin the other day.. I cook it medium rare with a rub of :
    Olive oil
    Sea salt
    Sweet marjoram
    Juniper berries

    And I roast or poach in oven.

    As a compliment .. I make a berry compote sometimes for dipping.

    For other cuts of venison that can be in a recipe .. I make a venison stew in the crockpot. I find a veggie base with sweet potatoes and turnips go well.

    Around the holidays I make red wine braised venison with star anise and allspice .. :)


    📸 is a venison tenderloin with herb and berry rub.

    EDIT - I just realized this original post was made in 2020! Dah!! 😠
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    This is one of my family's favorite ways to have venison.