No news feed?

PeteTheGaymer21 Posts: 15 Member
Not sure why but I’m not seeing any news feed from my friends via the app? I know they can be quiet but is MFP a bit glitched?


  • erosewelsh
    erosewelsh Posts: 11 Member
    I was wondering the same thing! I started up for the community and I'm not sure if I'm going something wrong 🤔
  • boilerdawg2009
    boilerdawg2009 Posts: 979 Member
    It's been messed up for about a week or so. Anyone that I've added lately isn't showing up in my feed, just the friends I had from before.
  • KL1887
    KL1887 Posts: 71 Member
    I’ve got another friend whose had the exact same issue, he’s recently joined and has had zero posts show up on his feed at all. He knows they’ve been posting because it shows on their individual page but his actual feed is blank
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,633 Member
    and.... welcome to MFP where things sometimes work and sometimes dont ;)
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 2,161 Member
    Sometimes it can be the device you use I can have nothing on the app in my tablet but sign in on my computer and lots.
  • supadeliux
    supadeliux Posts: 49 Member
    Same problem here! I'm only seeing the news from 1 friend only in my news feed :neutral:
  • Melij
    Melij Posts: 95 Member
    edited January 10
    Same here. Old friends are showing, recent are not. I’m going to report it.