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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has good ideas on eating more calcium but not the calories that go with it like in dairy foods. What healthy low calorie, high in calcium foods would you suggest?


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    Lowfat dairy foods can be quite calorie-efficient. (My 66 calories worth of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, that I put in my oatmeal, had 13.2% of the daily requirement. I'm pretty much always over calcium goal, often nearly double, and most of my top sources are dairy - milk, cheese, yogurt.)

    What is it that leads you to believe that you're not getting enough calcium? If it's the MFP totals, it's worth noting that some MFP food database entries show zero calcium for foods that actually contain calcium, either because the food label didn't list it (wasn't required everywhere, always, on labels; or because the person who entered the data didn't bother to input it). (The MFP database is crowd-sourced, anyone can enter a food: Some people aren't meticulous. Those of us who care should check when we first use a food, and if concerned about a particular micro, it can even make sense to look beyond the label values.)

    Other reasonable sources, for me, are blackstrap molasses (check labels, they vary by brand); tofu; cauliflower or broccoli, fresh garlic, oranges . . . .
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    Dark leafy greens are high in calcium. I do spinach/kale juice (vitamix) in the morning..

    Also sardines are high in calcium.. if you add to a greens salad.. you have a calcium combo!
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    Broccoli and spinach are great sources of calcium. Also most multivitamins give you the RDA for calcium.
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    Tofu, beans, green leafy veg like spinach and bok choy, almonds (not low cal)