elastic resistance bands and weight loss

hello, my name is Sharon. I am struggling to lose weight. I'm 53 years old. I'm starting to use elastic resistance bands as part of my exercise routine. I wonder if anyone else has tried these and if they feel they have helped at all. Thanks, sharon


  • kommodevaran
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    Resistance training, and everything that gets you moving, helps. Keep at it, a good thing about those bands is that is practically impossible to hurt oneself, unless you get a backlash - ouch - be attentive and enjoy yourself!
  • 4sharongee
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    Thank you. I felt like it might be helping me tighten up in a few places but it seemed less hard on my body so I thought maybe it wasn't really as helpful as I wanted to believe.
  • alistairlevie
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    Yes, I use them. How do I log them as part of a plan or workout routine?
  • sijomial
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    Yes, I use them. How do I log them as part of a plan or workout routine?


    Look for Strength Training or Circuit Training in the Cardiovascular part of the exercise diary for a rough calorie estimate depending on how you are training with them.
    Strength training assumes relatively heavy resistance, lower reps, significant recovery intervals of about 2 - 4 mins between sets.
  • annliz23
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    I have used them I find them quite good for strength training.
  • sbelletti
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    Resistance bands are great for strength training but not so much for weight loss. Diet is going to be more important for that.
  • dmkoenig
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    Sharon - regardless of your weight loss journey keep up with the bands. As we get older retaining strength and flexibility/range of motion becomes increasingly important. You're not going to get significant benefit from bands relative to your weight loss journey but you will in terms over overall health and well-being. Diet is key - I don't do much with detailed calorie counting but I make sure I eat a healthy diet, whole foods and mostly plant-based. I have seen tangible weight loss from time-restricted eating (intermittent fasting) which limits eating to 6-8 hour windows. It promotes reduction in insulin levels which is a primary driver of storing fat. Check out Dr. Jason Fung videos on Youtube, they are quite credible.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    weight loss - no effect. i wouldnt bother logging it myself, or if i did i would not give any calories for it.

    definitely keep doing it though.

    yoga and pilates may also be good choices for you.