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Hey everyone! I’m looking into protein powders and would love to get input on what brands you use and how you like them? There are so many options to choose from!


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    Look for the brand w/the most protein and lowest cals/fat for the lowest price.

    I'm not consuming powdered protein regularly any more but use to consume quite a bit in conjuction w/heavy lifting and I still have a lot of left over protein powder on hand.

    My favorite brands were Muscle Milk and MyProtein "whey protein isolate."

    I bought Muscle Milk off the shelf at Costco. My Protein was only available by mail and was "economical" only when I purchased ir "on sale." I forget what the exact pricing was but they were both cheaper than all other brands. However, Muscle Milk was cheaper than MyProtein (even at "sale" pricing). So, Muscle Milk was the better value.

    MyProtein provided 19g protein/100 cals/2g fat per 25g scoop.
    Muscle Milk provided 27g protein/130 cals/1.5g fat per 36g scoop.

    I usually mixed 2 scoops of each w/2 cups of soy milk which added 14g protein and 200 cals/7g.

    Total protein/cals of this mixture w/Muscle Milk was 68g/460 cals and 52g/400 cals w/MyProtein which I usually drank 2x's a day while "in training."

    I bought them both in chocolate and Muscle Milk tasted better to me in that flavor.
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    Allmax Isoflex has been my go to for years. It has a great ratio of protein to serving weight (27 gm protein in a 30 gm powder serving). I drink the chocolate as is, but the vanilla is good in fruit and veggie smoothies.

    I buy it on Amazon. Good luck!
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    Not all are created equal, despite what the label may claim - processing and such can significantly reduce what you're actually able to utilize. Personally, after my own research and education, I'm a fan of the 1st Phorm products, and have had great results with them when used properly. They also taste and mix better than most other brands I've tried.

    They aren't the cheapest, but one of the best IMO.
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    I've been using MusclePharm Combat Cookies and Cream lately...though I don't supplement all that often.
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    Recently switched to Ghost. They have pretty good flavors. Right now I'm hitting the nutter butter which helps when I want something sweet cuz it tastes just like the cookie
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    I used to use MyProtein but after trying PEScience whey/casein blends, there is no going back.
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    I like Sports Research's Collagen Peptides Powder, because it also blends well into cold drinks & smoothies and is completely flavorless: