Does protein help with weight loss?

I know that people who want to build muscle need to consume an adequate protein amount but if I’m just trying to lose weight, does protein matter?


  • Lietchi
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    Protein also helps you preserve muscle when losing weight (ideally combined with a weight loss rate that isn't too aggressive and some form of resistance training). For most people the goal is to lose fat and not lose muscle, for a better body composition.

    And many people find protein helps them feel satiated, less hungry.
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    As long as you are eating less calories than your body burns, you will lose weight. Protein is necessary for good nutrition.
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    The keto diet is based on the premise that eating more protein and fewer carbs will help you lose weight. That may be where you got the idea. You need a calorie deficit to lose weight--period. How you decide to do that is the trick. Some people radically change their style of eating, and others decide to eat what they like, just less. Here, you have to decide, or try a few different things and see what works best for you.

    Get your daily calorie goal from MFP and stay within that everyday. Consistency and patience are what you need.
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    Yes, protein is important. Virtually all cells are protein based. It's the most important of all.

    The 20% protein set by Myfitnesspal is really easy to hit. I suggest looking for ways to increase your protein. I eat dairy products, some meat and eggs, fish and seafood, beans every day, nuts, a bit of grains, and I also have on-hand both plant-based and whey protein powders.

    When I was overweight I mostly lived on carbs: bread, crackers, cereal, sweets, juice, desserts etc. Protein really helped me stop the cravings for food. Weight loss became a lot easier for me once I got my macros in line.
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    I've never paid attention to macros and never had a hard time losing weight or maintaining muscle mass. But yes, if you are going to eat a healthy diet, it's going to have a good amount of protein in it.
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    Hitting my protein goals is essential for my satiety. When I don't, I have the munchies and can eat and eat and eat and never feel satisfied.

    Here's a reputable protein calculator:

    I shoot for @ 500 calories of exercise per day, and when I achieve that, using the MFP default of 20% protein aligns with the protein recommendation from examine. If I were completely sedentary, I'd need to bump it up to 30%.
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    I know that people who want to build muscle need to consume an adequate protein amount but if I’m just trying to lose weight, does protein matter?

    As others have said, a certain level is important for health, yes, and it can help for other purposes. If you are hitting the MFP minimum (or close to it) and are feeling good and easily keeping to your calories and merely wondering if there is some reason you should be trying for a higher amount for weight loss, the answer is no, don't worry about it. If, however, you are generally significantly below even the MFP minimum, especially if you are eating somewhat low cals, then yes, you should at least look into it more and figure out why it is so low and how to raise it.