First time going to a gym

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I'll be going to a gym for the first time ever in the next day or so and don't really know what to do. I'd really like some input on some beginner friendly excersises so I'm not completely lost. People say not to get intimidated by the people but I'm more intimidated by the equipment lol. Thank you in advance for any help.


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    What type of gym are you going to?
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    Most gyms will offer a freebie personal training session or at least a walk-through with a staff member who should be able to explain each piece of equipment to you (you may want to call ahead and make sure someone will be available). Some places even have QR codes on the individual machines so you can scan them with your phone and see a brief video of the correct usage/movement. If you get a free PT session, that trainer may be able to also give you a basic program to get you started in the right direction and in such a way that you feel reasonably comfortable.
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    Meet with a trainer. You'll usually get a complimentary intro. But LEARNING to do things correctly is the most important thing with exercise. So many believe they can just watch YOUTUBE videos and do it, but YOUTUBE doesn't critique your actual execution. And NO ONE can see their form from all angles in the mirror. A trainer can.

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    Start with having a serious think about short and long term goals.
    "What to do" is determined by what you are trying to achieve.

    Currently only you know why you have joined a gym!
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    tip 1...have fun
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    You should be intimidated by the equipment because if you don't use it properly, you can easily hurt yourself. Everyone starting in a gym should get at least an introductory session with a trainer who can show you how to use the equipment safely. I've never been to a gym that didn't offer this. They don't want you getting injured on their equipment.
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    I just joined a gym last week myself and I watched a few youtube videos of various workout routines for beginners just to have a game plan and see how to use some of the machines.
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    Happy that you had a positive first time. How are you feeling now with a couple days behind you?

    Also, did you get access to a trainer session? Echoing what Niner said about coaching, it's important to start with good form...especially for deadlift and squat. The longer you train with bad habits the harder it is to correct them.

    Best, K
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    Keep the weight low until you master correct form and range of motion. Aside from giving feedback, a trainer can also give you “hints” to get your body to concentrate on the right muscles during an exercise.
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    Still: Get a trainer for a few sessions to help build confidence and make sure your form is proper.