Friends with open diaries?

Anyone with open diaries want to be friends? Get healthy ideas from each other. Thanks ahead of time.


  • silverstar65
    silverstar65 Posts: 184 Member
    hi Jen,
    My diary is open. I have been gearing toward a vegetarian diet. Once in a while I will eat Chicken, but mostly plant based and dairy. If you would like to add me, feel welcome. :smile:
  • danikat15
    danikat15 Posts: 109 Member
    I have an open diary. If you don't mind the occasional Oreo or beer night lol
  • anmlmzdiet
    anmlmzdiet Posts: 179 Member
    My diary is open. Hit me up. I need more friends! I need to lose 200lbs so I'll be around for awhile.
  • emalethmoon
    emalethmoon Posts: 178 Member
    My diary is open. Trying hard to make sure I log it all.
  • boilerdawg2009
    boilerdawg2009 Posts: 979 Member
    Mine is open as well! Feel free to add
  • xojenbrassardxo
    xojenbrassardxo Posts: 38 Member
    My diary is open as well! Would love more friends with open diaries :smile:
  • mikhnpaitsmum
    mikhnpaitsmum Posts: 119 Member
    Mine is open feel free to add!
  • Katierosefree
    Katierosefree Posts: 8 Member
    Hi! I just started back up with my diary and I’d love to add some friends! ☺️ I’m a little less restrictive than I’ve been in the past, but I have a much better relationship with food now! I love to cook, and I don’t mind if I have to jump on the treadmill at night for an additional 20 mins if I want to indulge a little. 😉
  • jackson_geall
    jackson_geall Posts: 9 Member
    Mines open, wish so many more would do it, helps change up eating patterns and getting creative.
  • Skyler103
    Skyler103 Posts: 121 Member
    Mine is open!
  • Fabuluna
    Fabuluna Posts: 6 Member
    Mine is open!
  • fatmanthinuk
    fatmanthinuk Posts: 44 Member
    Mine is open. Love getting inspired by other peoples great food choices. Anyone the same is free to add me. I might be adding some of you guys too 😎👍
  • Nama_Slay38
    Nama_Slay38 Posts: 178 Member
  • thompsjared03
    thompsjared03 Posts: 4 Member
    Open for anyone to add 👊🏻
  • hunnahs26
    hunnahs26 Posts: 288 Member
    My diary is open. Usually very consistent with it as well
  • helsbels2621
    helsbels2621 Posts: 6 Member
    Mines open too although half term has been hectic and I haven't filled it in as consistently as usual. Feel free to add me and if I can work out how to add you guys I will!
  • avatiach
    avatiach Posts: 291 Member
  • kerstenk141
    kerstenk141 Posts: 83 Member
    Mine is open and I log everyday. I weight train 5x a week so counting my macros as well.
  • midsummer174627
    midsummer174627 Posts: 386 Member
    Feel free to add me, I could use the accountability!

    @helsbels2621 adding friends is super tricky now, it's not just you!
  • EliseTK1
    EliseTK1 Posts: 483 Member
    My diary is open, and I log pretty accurately. I welcome supportive friends!